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Posted in: March 2016

What to wear this spring

What to wear this spring

Posted on: 29th Mar, 2016

Spring sees a change in climate and the landscape – so why not change your attire too, to reflect this change of season? It’s time ...

beginners guide to bespoke shirts

Beginners guide to bespoke shirts

Posted on: 18th Mar, 2016

At Acorn Fabrics, we have serviced an industry that’s a little different to that you’ll find on the average high street. Instead of offering standardised ...

Tantalising tattersall

Tantalising Tattersall

Posted on: 11th Mar, 2016

Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose the right shirting for an occasion. Should you go for checks or a tartan fabric, or a white ...

Oxford shirt etiquette

Oxford shirt etiquette

Posted on: 4th Mar, 2016

Looking for a shirting fabric that’s suitable for just about any occasion? The Oxford fabric is our go-to in the Acorn Fabrics range. A timeless ...