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Posted in: May 2016

Tartan fabric swatches

How to wear tartan with style

Posted on: 31st May, 2016

If there’s one pattern that never seems to age it’s tartan. Suited to all age groups, tartan shirting can be dressed up and down and ...

Style guides Cannes Film Festival

Style guides: Cannes Film Festival

Posted on: 20th May, 2016

This month, the 69th Cannes Film Festival took place – and wasn’t it an event for style? As always, film stars and fashionistas made their ...

various twill coloured fabrics

Fabric Focus: Twill

Posted on: 13th May, 2016

With over 500 fabrics to choose from in our ever-growing collection, choosing the right shirting can be hard. So if you don’t know your poplins ...

white shirt collar

Choosing the right collar

Posted on: 6th May, 2016

We all know how important it is to wear the right collar size and choose an appropriately fitted shirt; but what about the finer details, ...