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Posted in: May 2017

why you should consider a pink shirting fabric this summer feature image

Why You Should Consider A Pink Shirting Fabric This Summer

Posted on: 19th May, 2017

The colour pink has got a very distinct image in the minds of many, and it certainly takes a bit of forethought to wear it ...

why choose blue for your shirting fabric feature image

Why Choose Blue For Your Shirting Fabric?

Posted on: 10th May, 2017

The colour blue has always been linked to quality clothing, and according to several independent studies, it’s consistently one of men’s favourite fabric colours. There ...

how to wear a yellow shirt this spring feature image

How To Wear A Yellow Shirt This Spring

Posted on: 3rd May, 2017

There’s no denying that yellow has a certain reputation – along with pink, it’s probably one of the rarer additions to most men’s wardrobes. It’s ...