3 ‘unbreakable’ style rules you can actually ignore

Posted On: Thursday, May 30th, 2019 0 comments

Clothes make the man. It’s an expression that’s centuries old, and it still holds true today. When we’re confident in the way we look we can be confident in the way we live our life. However, if you’re still finding your feet style-wise, it’s worth taking what you hear with a pinch of salt. Some of the most common advice isn’t always in your interests! We’ve come across our fair share of ‘unbreakable’ style rules here at Acorn Fabrics, and below we’ve listed three of the most common that you can safely ignore.

1. Only brand names are worth wearing

There was once a time when brand names ruled the worlds of fashion and tailoring. But today’s perfect fashion statement should reflect who you really are, not what big brands and marketing gurus tell you. That’s why it makes sense to concentrate instead on superb quality cotton shirting fabrics. Here at Acorn, we have a huge range of colours, designs, and materials to choose from, but the unifying factor is that they are all produced to the very highest standard, resulting in finished items that grab attention for all the right reasons.

2. The more clothes the better

We all love clothes shopping, but it’s important to remember to place the emphasis on quality rather than quantity. A wardrobe looks decidedly more stylish when it has select items of exquisite tailoring rather than row upon row of couture that never sees the light of day. You can still enjoy clothes shopping, of course, but take your time before making a purchase; it can be worth saving up for that incredible suit or jacket that you’ll wear over and again, and which will never go out of fashion.

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3. It’s important to follow fashion trends

Lots of people still follow fashion trends; they’re easy to spot because they’re wearing the same as everyone else, and that devalues any style statement they think they might be making. True style comes from being yourself and wearing something that reflects who you are and what you believe in. It’s one of the reasons that bespoke couture is making a comeback, and why many people are tailoring their own clothing from fabrics that they choose themselves.

By reversing these three outmoded style tips that you can safely ignore, you can find modern fashion advice that can transform the way you look and how people see you. Set your own style rather than slavishly following trends, have fewer items of higher quality rather than cluttering your closet, and wear bespoke and personally chosen tailoring rather than brand names that have lost their exclusivity. Our casual fabrics section is a great place to start perfecting your personal style, especially since we’re at the start of the lighter, brighter seasons – which means our voile and batiste fabrics are similarly excellent choices. If you’re looking for something specific, we’re always on hand to help – feel free to give us a call on 01282 698662!

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