5 Reasons to Get Your Work Suit Handmade

Posted On: Thursday, January 31st, 2019 0 comments

While most people know that tailor made pieces are usually a better option, they often assume that they are a luxury. But one thing many don’t understand is that the benefits of tailor-made suits far outweigh their price tag. Handmade pieces made from quality fabric will last much longer and will project a much more professional image than something you just picked off the clothes rail. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider getting your work suit handmade.

1. They’re a better fit

The main reason to go for a bespoke suit is the fit. Even the best quality shop-bought suit can never give you the type of fit you would get from a suit that was made especially for you. The right fit can also help hide some of your imperfections while playing up your best attributes. They also have the proper balance between fit and comfort, allowing you to have some breathing room without feeling too loose in your clothes.

2. You’ve got a greater choice of material

Ready-made suits aren’t usually made with high quality materials. Also, manufacturers want to get as many products out the door as possible, so don’t expect the same level of quality control from a mass-produced suit as you would from a tailored one.

With a bespoke suit, you can hand pick your material based on your particular needs. A good tailor will work with precision and correct any inconsistencies. They’ll also make sure that the suit is tailored to last by using the proper stitching techniques for each type of material.

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3. You can be more creative

A good tailor will be able to work with you and add any design elements you request. You can show them some examples of what you saw on a celebrity or in a particular fashion magazine and they’ll be able to incorporate it into the design. You can’t get this with an off the rack suit. You have to deal with the uniform aesthetic the designer went for, which is usually dictated by current trends.

4. It can be faster and easier

Having to sift through racks and racks of suits only to find one that semi fits you isn’t fun for anyone. But with a handmade suit, the buying process is much more straightforward. With a tailor, you get exactly what you asked for and simply have to wait until the suit is finished. No running around looking for suits that you might not even like at the end.

5. Bespoke suits last longer

Since you have more control over quality, bespoke suits will last much longer than most off the rack suits of equal value. And mass production doesn’t account for the specificities of different fabrics, which can lead to faster wear and tear.

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