Top autumn fabric styles to keep you sharp this season

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Top styles to keep you sharp this autumn

If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ll have been looking sharp all summer – but do you know the best fashion looks for the new season? As we move into autumn, the styles and fashions begin to change with new autumn fabrics coming into focus. It’s not just the type of fabric you’ll need to change either; autumn styles, pattern and colours are also a must too if you want to look sharp and on-trend this season.

Autumn fabrics

Pale coloured autumn fabrics

Dressing for the climate is important in the autumn months. You’ll want to put away your linens and superfine poplins in favour of warmer materials with a thicker and tightly woven yarn.

A medium weight fabric, like Oxford Pinpoint fabric, is ideal for autumn. With its two-over, one-under pattern, it has a fine texture and is breathable while providing more warmth than summer lightweight fabrics.

As we move into late autumn, you might want to consider one of our slightly thicker fabrics, like Herringbone fabric. Textured and warm, it’s suitable for autumn and winter and a great option for those chillier, crisp days.

Another great autumn all-rounder is the Oxford shirt – ideal for casual wear and the workplace. As it’s thick and warm, Oxford fabric is one of the most popular choices of shirting once the weather begins to change.

Autumn fabric colours

Striped Autumn Coloured Fabric

During the autumn months, it’s time to say goodbye to all those pastel shades and adopt richer warmer shades. Creams, deep reds, browns and dark blues are all great shades for the new season.

Our top picks include:

Of course, the classic white shirt is appropriate all year round. Our ideal white fabrics for autumn include the Balmoral 230 White Herringbone Fabric and the Royal Pinpoint White Fabric.

Autumn fashion fabrics

Autumn coloured cotton fabric shirts

Our autumn shirting guide wouldn’t be complete without looking at the latest fashions for men. When it comes to autumn styles, you can’t go wrong with a checked shirt. For a smarter look, be sure to pick fine check fabrics like our Fife 50 Blue Check Fabric and Fife 50 Burgundy Check Fabric. Our casual favourites, on the other hand, include the Fife 25 Green Check Fabric and the Kendal Stag Red Check Fabric.

Autumn is also a great time to bring out your patterned fabrics. A pop of colour and pattern looks great against the autumnal landscape. A classic choice is the tartan fabric –pick our Black Watch Tartan Fabric or Brodie Tartan Fabric to look autumn-ready. Floral and leaf designs go down well too and complement the change in season. We recommend the Devonshire 02 Blue Printed Fabric and the Devonshire 05 Indigo Printed Fabric.

If you’re looking for autumn fabrics for the workplace, why not shop our Back to Work fabric range? There’s 15% off when you spend over £50!

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