Beginner’s guide to bespoke suits

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beginners guide to bespoke suits

In today’s bespoke clothing guide we’re looking at suits – the ultimate in bespoke style. Custom made just for you; a bespoke suit is ideal for a special occasion, such as a wedding or important work event. Of course, bespoke suits works best with a bespoke shirt and bespoke trousers – for a complete high-end look.

Creating your bespoke suit

Beginners guide to bespoke Suits

Designing your very own bespoke suit is not as hard as you might think. In fact, our fabrics and your tailor will do most of the hard work for you – you’ll just have to make a few key decisions.

Step one

Decide on the purpose of your suit. This will help you and your tailor to get the style just right and help you to choose the right fabric.


Step two

Shop our excellent selections of fabrics online. Our cotton fabrics come in a heavy twill weave and a selection of classic colours. Whether you want the classic dark suit, or something more suited to spring, we’ve got something for everyone. If you’re unsure of which fabric to choose, why not give our team a call on 01282 698662 for some advice.

We also have a huge range of shirting materials available – if you’re getting a bespoke suit, you may as well go all out with a bespoke shirt too! Shop our fab range of shirting materials here.


Step three

Decide what you want your suit to look like. Pinterest is a great resource for researching styles. It’s also worth familiarising yourself with the differences between a British cut and Italian cut. If in doubt, stick to something classic in style. Anything too trendy will go out of fashion within a few years.


Step four

Find a suitable tailor – a good tailor will always be able to advise you on design and requirements along the way.


Step five

Look after your investment. Always make sure you follow the proper care instructions and avoid having your suit dry-cleaned on a regular basis. Instead, give it a quick refresh by having it steamed.


Our top tips for a modern a trendy suit

Beginners guide to bespoke suits

f you’re spending your hard-earned cash on something bespoke, it pays to choose something that’s timeless and well-fitted – choosing a slim, flattering fit where possible.


There are also a few other tips to consider when it comes to the perfect suit:

·      Opt for two buttons rather than three. Three-buttoned suits tend to be old fashioned and better suited to evening affairs.

·      For a classic and contemporary look, choose slim lapels rather than wide.

·      Take advantage of all those little extras. Lining, button colours, and stitching can all make a huge impact on the overall look of your suit. Your tailor will be able to advise on all of these.


Have you tried any of our suit fabrics? If so, what did you think? We’d love to get your feedback! Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @acornfabrics

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