Beginners guide to bespoke trousers

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Beginners guide to bespoke Trousers

Last week, the Acorn Fabrics guide gave you all the need-to-know information about bespoke shirting. Today, we’re looking at another one of our bespoke favourites – trousers – allowing you to complete your designer look.

Like your shirt, a well-fitted pair of trousers can make all the difference. Of course, with bespoke trousers, you can be sure of top quality and the perfect fit. Individually cut from your own pattern and tailored exactly to your physique, it’s certainly worth the investment.

While bespoke shirts, suits, and trousers, were a rarity for the majority of men 30 or so years ago, they’ve now become the norm. In fact, it’s quite normal for a man to have at least one bespoke item made during their lifespan, usually for special occasions – like a wedding or big event.

How it works

Beginners guide to bespoke Trousers

Step one

Choose your perfect trouser fabric from our range at Acorn Fabrics. You might also like to pick a shirting fabric too – for a completely bespoke outfit.


Step two

Decide how you’re going to personalise your trousers. You’ll want to think about things like stitching, design, and buttons.


Step three

Find an experienced tailor to create your item. A trusty tailor will be able to guide you through the whole process and create the perfect item within a few weeks for you. It’s also a good idea to bring your dress shoes with you, to get the length of the trousers just right.


Step four

Wear with pride! Enjoy your bespoke trousers – after all, they are one of a kind!


Top tips for your bespoke trouser design

Beginners guide to bespoke Trousers

The fabric

Choose a good quality fabric in a timeless colour. While it may be tempting to get carried away with colour, it’s always best to pick something more sober to make the most out of your purchase.

The detail

If you’re looking for something super stylish – that you’d expect to find on Savile Row – say ‘no’ to belt loops. It’s also wise to avoid pleats – the gathering of the fabric that’s sewn into the front of the trousers. These are quite a traditional feature and commonly found on older men’s trousers – usually out of habit – and can actually create the illusion that you’re more overweight than you are. For the modern man, a flat front is more flattering and fashionable.

Trouser cuffs are another aspect of the detail. Whether you choose them is entirely up to you. They look better on some than others – so it’s a good idea to talk to your tailor, who can help you to make a decision by taking into consideration your body type.

Feeling inspired? Shop our trouser fabrics to find the perfect material for you. You can find a selection of our lightweight trouser and suit fabrics here , available in navy, putty, or white.

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