Could Green Be The Key To Your Personal Style?

Posted On: Monday, November 13th, 2017 0 comments
could green be the key to your personal style

As the latest entry in looking at the various colours available in our cotton shirting fabrics, this week we’re looking at the vibrant shade of green. Despite what Kermit might say, it’s actually not that difficult wearing green – like anything else, it just takes a bit of forethought on how it fits into your personal style.

What It Means To Be Green

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Interestingly, human history and culture means that we tend to assign a variety of meanings to the colour green, many of which continue across national boundaries. For example, one of the most common worldwide associations with green is that of sports and the outdoors, mainly because it puts us in mind of the sports pitches and lush green lawns. Its environmental connotations means that we also tend to associate it with growth and health, bringing out positive emotions in us and leading us to think of the people who wear it as reliable and trustworthy. All great news if you’re looking to incorporate it into your personal wardrobe!

One of the most fantastic things about green is just how versatile it is. There are emerald greens, medium greens and olive greens. You’ve got darker forest greens, complex patterns like the tartan greens in our fabrics range, and more vibrant shades such as our Barbados Plain Lime shirting fabric. This one is seasonally popular here in the UK, but is often favoured all year round in some of our more tropical markets here at Acorn. Meanwhile, darker greens make green office wear – remember, the darker it is, the more formal it is!

Top Tips To Wearing Green

Some see green as a naturally masculine colour, but whatever your views on that there’s no denying it looks best paired with blue (from navy to aqua), white or grey. Darker military variants complement similarly earthy hues, like brown – which incidentally is also a perfect pairing for our Fife 50 green cotton shirting fabric, if you’re looking to style yourself along those lines.

Brighter shades of green, on the other hand (like our Barbados Lime mentioned above) often move into the realm of statement colours, though, and as such need to be treated with caution. You don’t want your outfit looking too loud! In formal settings, a light green dress shirt goes well with more muted hues, like brown or navy, while in informal settings like parties or family gatherings, you can get away with being a bit bolder. It all depends on how you want to make an impression, and remember: experimentation is key!

Here at Acorn fabrics, we’ve been selling quality shirting fabrics since 1975, and green is just one of a number of fabric colours we stock amongst our range. Feel free to browse them according to what best suits your style – and if you have any questions, we’re only a phone call away on 01282 694 267.

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