The Look Of Love: How To Dress Your Best On Valentine’s Day

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the look of love how to dress your best on valentines day

First impressions are everything. It’s something that’s drummed into us all from an early age, and it applies doubly to clothes, as they’re a crucial element of self-expression – something people always look out for on the dating scene! Whether it’s an existing relationship or potentially the beginnings of a brand new one, your clothes should be the first thing you look to when preparing for a date.

Casual Dinner Dates

checked shirt styles

Often the first recourse for a date, dinner dates can vary in their style requirements, depending on the sort of place you’re going to. For more casual dinner dates, it’s still best to stay on the smart side of smart casual. There’s nothing worse than looking like you’ve not bothered to make an effort for the date – if it’s a first date it’s very likely there won’t be a second, while if it’s an existing relationship, lazy dressing could potentially land you in the doghouse for a few days afterward, too! For this reason, collared Oxford shirts are always a good mainstay, as it strikes the right balance. Similarly, a smart, subtle checked fabric (like our Hampton 106 red) paired with some slim-fit jeans can help project exactly the right kind of style – not too sloppily casual or stiffly formal, which makes it a great general-purpose fabric for dating.

Posh Dinner

a classic white dress shirt

A quick side note – if you’ve never been to your dating venue before, it’s crucial to do a bit of research beforehand. It can be as simple as looking at the website, or maybe glancing in the window as you pass it in the street. Because if it’s a formal sort of place, even the smartest of country checks will make you stand out in all the wrong ways when you arrive. Formal affairs can be especially daunting – you’ve got to hit that delicate note between being well-dressed but still relaxed. Don’t wear the same suit you’d wear to a job interview, for example – ultimately, you’re still going for an easy sense of charm, which is difficult to project if you look too formal. A quality white dress shirt is a given (made from malham 60 white, for example), and a blazer jacket is a failsafe way to complement it while staying on the right side of casual. The fit is crucial – if you look uncomfortable squeezed into the suit, you’re going to look uncomfortable all through your date, too. A dark blue suit is perfect for this sort of situation, as it embodies a more playful sense of style than a black suit, but while still keeping to the formality of the occasion. Just remember, the brighter the blue the less formal it is, so choose wisely!

A Key Thing To Bear In Mind

It’s true that first impressions are important, but remember. Whatever you end up doing, try not to stress too much about your wardrobe. Your clothes are a means to an end, not the be all and end all. Once the first impressions are over, the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and enjoy yourself!

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