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various twill coloured fabrics

With over 500 fabrics to choose from in our ever-growing collection, choosing the right shirting can be hard. So if you don’t know your poplins from your herringbones – keep an eye out on our blog! This week, we’re going to take a closer look at twill, one of our popular woven fabrics, explaining its style and showing you how to wear it.


What is it?

Fabric Focus Twill

Twill fabric has a very distinctive style. Its signature textile weave creates a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs – which adds texture to a shirt. The weaving technique also results in shirting that is more durable and hardwearing than others.

As the yarns are packed more tightly together in twill, twill fabrics are stronger and thicker than other types and have typically been used for work uniforms throughout history. In fact, one of the lightweight styles of twill, chino, has its origins in military uniforms during World War I. As well as being hardwearing, the material also has a better drape and resistance to wrinkling – meaning it’s perfect for industries and individuals that need to look smart.



How to wear it

twill shirt and tie

A variety of twill materials are available, meaning you’re sure to find a version to suit your needs. Despite its rich texture, twill shirting is still a favourite for professional wear. No matter which style of the fabric you choose, it’s bound to look great with a suit – as its subtle pattern helps to break up the look.

Houndstooth is a classic twill fabric that combines two colours, usually black and white, to emphasise the pattern’s weave. The fashionable fabric is ideal for the preppy look. Choose between a houndstooth blazer or houndstooth shirt – but don’t combine the two!

For professional or formal attire, why not choose herringbone? The herringbone twill is made up of diagonal lines that periodically change direction. This creates a subtle zigzag pattern. Herringbones usually use medium-weight wool – an ideal choice for late autumn, winter, or early spring.



Shop our twill fabrics today

At Acorn Fabrics, we have a huge range of twill fabrics available. All our materials are clearly labelled, with details including their weave and their weight, helping you to assess the best fabric for your needs and the season.

For work wear, why not try Burneside 300 sky, Burneside plain navy.

If you’re heading out to enjoy some country pursuits, why not choose from our patterned twills? Fife 70 sky and Fife 70 navy are two of our most popular.

Some of the best shirting for professional wear can be found in our herringbones range. Burneside 500 lilac and Burneside 500 sky are great options, which also boast stunning finishes.

For more information about our shirting, get in touch with the team today. You can call Acorn Fabrics on 01282 698662, or drop us an email at sales@acornfabrics.co.uk


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