The very fabric of our world: Different types of shirting fabric

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The very fabric of our world: Different types of shirting fabric

With dozens of shirting materials available, finding the right fabric can be a little hard. Which materials are best suited for formal occasions and which are ideal for weekend wear? In today’s blog, we’re offering a helping hand and talking a bit about the different types of fabric, and how they fit into your wardrobe.

Stay smart in poplin

poplin striped cotton fabric

The poplin shirt is a must in any man’s wardrobe. It can be worn to work and is a great choice for formal affairs, being the smarter cousin of the popular Oxford fabric. Poplin shirting tends to be lighter in weight than other types of shirting; therefore, it’s a great choice for warmer climates as well as your holiday wardrobe.

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Go smart-casual in Oxford

oxford cotton fabric

When it comes to Oxford shirting, we recommend one in every colour. Ideal for work, weekends and sociable affairs, it’s one of the most versatile fabrics for your wardrobe. The Oxford’s rough finish gives it a more casual look over silkier fabrics and thanks to its manufacture it’s a more affordable type of shirting too. All the more reason to buy a few!

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Keep warm in twill

black and white twill cotton fabric

As the seasons change, you’ll want to update your wardrobe to ensure you’re wearing apparel suited to the season. Come winter, we recommend twill, a softer and heavier fabric. Twill is a great choice for work or play and another perk of twill material is that it wrinkles less than many other fabrics too.

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Be boardroom-ready in pinpoint

light blue and dark blue check pinpoint fabrics

Looking for shirting that’s smarter than your everyday wear but not too formal? Pinpoint fabric is your answer. Poinpoint fabric is similar Oxford cloth, but has a finer yarn and tighter weave. It’s ideal for wear in all seasons too – being neither too thick nor transparent.

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Jet off with linen cloth

linen cotton fabric

Want to stay cool and look good during your next getaway? If so, fill your suitcase with breathable linen shirting. Linen fabrics are the perfect choice for hot climates and have a more relaxed feel about their construction too.

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Dress to impress with pique

black pique cotton fabric.

When it comes to special occasion wear, you can’t beat woven pique. Available in many different styles, including Marcella and Leno, there’s a pique fabric for any black tie affair. Pique is also made from natural materials, so it will keep you cool and calm unlike sweaty synthetic materials.

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