Fife 30

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Fife 30

As possibly one of our most popular country check fabrics, the return of Fife 30 has been eagerly anticipated. By far the best selling of the trio, Fife 30 green is back in the range without alteration, however it is joined in the collection by two other new colourways that are slight re-works of their predecessors.

The Fife fabrics are a range of brushed 100% cotton shirtings rather than wool and cotton as are the Kendal fabrics. The brushing enhances the warm handle of the fabric and improves the comfort of the fabric when worn next to the skin.

Fife 30 green was introduced to the range back in 1998 and has been a staple brushed cotton for many customers over those years. As the more popular of the 3 colourways, it seemed prudent to weave the green to the original design and we are pleased to have the fabric back in stock.

Fife 30 tan is a rework of the Fife 30 Blue that was available in last years range. It has been altered only slightly but the improvements have produced a brighter better balanced fabric that I’m sure customers will appreciate. Although it has been produced from the same warp as the green, it does have a definite tan appearance.

The final colour offering of the trio is Ruby. A rework of the fife 30 red, Ruby has the added dimension of having more colours in the design which gives the  fabric more depth and increased versatility.

All three of the Fife 30’s have reproduced beautifully, the only problem you have is which one to buy?

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