The Finest Formal Shirt Fabrics

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Fine formal wear fabrics

Looking for the perfect shirt for your next formal occasion? At Acorn Fabrics, we know that shirts aren’t just for the office. That’s why we offer a huge range of shirting fabrics, including work shirt fabrics, lounge shirt fabrics, and formal shirt fabrics. With summer being the season for weddings, we thought we’d share our guide on the best formal fabrics for your wardrobe – ensuring you look and feel great at your next big occasion.

Choosing your formal shirt fabric

formal white cotton shirt fabric

Whether you’re going to a black tie event, red carpet occasion, or wedding bash, it’s important to pick the right formal shirting to complete your look. While the overall look is important, so is the feel and comfort of the fabric, as you will be wearing it for a number of hours.

For the majority of formal events, cotton fabrics, like poplin fabrics, are the best option. Known for its fine qualities and properties, a well-constructed cotton shirt will certainly ensure you look the part. What’s more, as it’s a natural fabric, a cotton shirt will help you keep your cool too – even if you are dancing all night. Poplin shirts like our Grange Plain White Solid Fabric are finer cotton shirting options and the best choice for you big event. For something a little warmer, why not choose twill? We recommend our brand new Balmoral Twill White Fabric.

For that smart/formal look, you can afford to opt for a more relaxed weave like our Oxford and Pinpoint fabrics. Ideal for weddings, pinpoint fabric is smarter than the traditional Oxford fabric but a little more relaxed than poplin and twill.

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t look the part at your next formal event. While cotton fabrics are best when it comes to formal wear, man-made fabrics do make a good alternative and come at just a snip of the price.

The extra shirting details

Once you’ve chosen your shirting material, you’ll want to think about the style – ensuring you get your look just right.

The shirt collar

pinpoint collar on a white cotton shirt

To play it safe, we recommend the traditional point collar. A point collar has a relatively small spread between each point, ensuring a neat and tidy finish. There’s just enough room for a tie to sit perfectly – a key addition to your formal attire.

The shirt cuffs

white cotton shirt barrel cuff

If you’re not planning on wearing cufflinks, we recommend the barrel cuff. Boasting two or three buttons, rather than just the one, the barrel cuff ensures a better fit and a smarter finish. If you’re wearing cufflinks, opt for the French cuff.

The shirt fit

shirt fit

A well-fitted shirt can make any style of shirt look good. Before you choose your fabric, make sure you get measured so that you know you’re wearing the correct size. Tailored shirts or slim fit shirts are ideal for formal wear occasions.

For an everyday shirt that’s perfect for almost any occasion, why not choose an Oxford shirt? While they’re a little less formal than the options we’ve explored today, they can be dressed up and down and are the ideal addition to every man’s shirt collection. Shop our Oxford shirt fabrics today.

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