Dressing To Impress: Formal Shirt Styles For Weddings

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Dressing To Impress: Formal Shirt Styles For Weddings

It’s hard not to love weddings. They’re days of happiness, joy, and often of meeting new people and making new friends, especially if you both know the happy couple in person. It’s the happiest day of many people’s lives, and it’s important, therefore, to treat the occasion with the respect it deserves – and that means dressing accordingly. We’ve collated some handy tips on how to do so, whether you’re a groom or guest.

Wedding Style for Grooms

As the groom, you’ll be the centre of attention for the entire day, with possibly hundreds of eyes on you, so it’s important that your attire is up to scratch! Co-ordinate with your bride well ahead of the big day – after all, the day is all about the two of you as a couple, so both your styles should intertwine. When measuring up for your suit, make sure you choose a fit that’s right for your body type. Double-breasted suits will add a bit of bulk to your frame, while other styles of fitted suits will give the impression of a leaner silhouette. Remember though, comfort is at least as important as style. You’ll be spending the entire day in your suit – and quite possibly future ones too, so make sure you can move around comfortably in it.

Formal Shirting for Guests

For guests, the rules are slightly different. Remember, you’re not the centre of attention – the happy couple is. If you’ve got a slightly unorthodox style that you know you’ll look good in, it’s always best to check with the couple in advance, and if that’s not possible avoid it altogether. It’s unforgivably bad form if you’re perceived to be trying to detract attention away from them, even if it’s not a conscious intention. Equally, don’t underdress. It’s always better to turn up too smart than not smart enough, in which case a traditional style is probably your safest bet. Remember to bear in mind the schedule of the day, too – that means that if you know the wedding starts in the early afternoon, it’s best not to turn up already in your dinner jacket.

Although they’re points worth mentioning, as long as you go for a traditional style it’s likely you won’t have to worry too much about upstaging or underdressing – the advice often applies more to things like bold colours or daring new styles. Weddings, given their formal setting and ceremony, usually aren’t the places for them!

What We Recommend

white cotton fabric

For grooms and guests alike, our suggestions for formal shirting for weddings include the Balmoral Twill White, famed for both its softness and its durability. As we’ve stressed, comfort is closely intertwined with style – as you can’t look good without feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing – and its durability ensures that you can get years of reliable use from it well after the big day is over. It’s spun using Egyptian cotton, which has gained a reputation as one of the world’s favourite fabrics. A shirt made of Balmoral Twill is perfectly complemented with Marcella White Pique Fabric for the bib – its smart embossed surface makes it especially well suited for this purpose.

As a final piece of advice – it’s a good idea to go with your gut when deciding what to wear. When it comes to choosing your own personal style, often your first instincts will hit the mark. For more tips, you can read our post on the finest formal shirt fabrics, or get right to shopping with our black tie event fabrics.

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