How To Measure Your Body For A Bespoke Shirt

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Here at Acorn Fabrics, we know that measuring your body can be a bit of an intimidating task but it’s an absolutely vital step for creating any kind of bespoke shirting. But why bother with that? you might think. Why not just buy a ready-made shirt? Well, ready-made shirts rely on just a neck measurement to influence all of the other measurements, which doesn’t always guarantee a good fit. On the other hand a bespoke shirt will fit you perfectly – whatever your size or shape – which means that you’re always comfortable and looking at your very best. What’s not to like? First though – you’ve got to make sure your measurements are correct!

How To Measure Your Body

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OK then, let’s start at the top – literally!

  1. Measuring Your Neck

This is a simple one – all you have to do is measure around the base of your neck, where your shirt collar would sit.

  1. Measuring Your Sleeve

This has a bit more of an art to it. What you’ll need to do here is measure from the centre of the back of your neck, run over the top of one shoulder and all the way down to the point where you want your cuff to sit. You may find that your final measurement falls somewhere between two sleeve sizes. In that case, choose the longer one. Trust us, it just looks better.

  1. Measuring Your Chest

For this, you’ll want to wrap the tape measure round the widest part of your chest. Remember to keep the tape measure straight and level at the back, parallel to the ground.

  1. Measuring Your Waistline

Right then, now for the bit no one looks forward to. To properly measure your waist you’ll need to measure what’s called your ‘natural waistline’ – in other words, the narrowest part of your waist. You might be tempted to secretly take off a few centimetres in your head, but resist that! Remember, your bespoke shirt is going to end up flattering your body type, no matter what it may be. A well-made fitted shirt will accentuate your build, but a badly fitted shirt will hug you in the wrong places, and actually end up looking worse. It pays to be honest with yourself when it comes to measurements, is what we’re saying. You might not always like them, but it does all pay off!

And Don’t Forget…

If you’re not confident with taking your measurements yourself – or you’re afraid of what you might find – you can always ask a professional tailor to do it for you. As for us at Acorn Fabrics, we’re focused on giving them (and ultimately you) the very finest cotton shirting fabrics to work with. As we’re now in the midst of the winter season, our Brushed Wool fabrics (like this Fife 50 Burgundy) are seeing a lot of popularity amongst our customers, with their versatile colour schemes complemented by a warm, soft feel.

Meanwhile, with Burns Night falling within January, our tartans (like this Gordon Tartan Fabric) are similarly popular, and you’ve got no shortage of options to choose from amongst our range. You can browse our full range of tartans here, or give us a call on 01282 698 662. We’re always happy to help!

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