How To Wear A Yellow Shirt This Spring

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There’s no denying that yellow has a certain reputation – along with pink, it’s probably one of the rarer additions to most men’s wardrobes. It’s bold and it’s daring, and it’s true that it can be easy to get it wrong. But now we’re well into spring, and with summer fast approaching it seems like there are few better times to try it out!

A Few Things About The Colour Yellow

As you can see from a glance, yellow is one of the most visible, attention-grabbing colours for your cotton shirting fabrics. There’s a couple of good reasons for this, not least the scientific one. The human eye processes yellow first, which is one of the reasons you see it on warning signs and emergency vehicles. It’s this same quality that can make it so easy to misjudge, as it can easily dominate your entire outfit if overused. That means that your lapels, the cut and fit of your shirt, the length of your trousers and all the little details like cufflinks can all count for nothing if you use too much yellow! Don’t worry though – we’ll get into that in just a moment.

On the (literal) bright side, yellow has a solid reputation as a summery colour that’s vibrant and cheerful – making it a perfect one to start wearing now that the sun is properly coming out! Yellow (and other colours like it) psychologically suggest emotion, warmth and energy, so if you wear it right it can have a glorious sunshine effect on your outfit. So what’s the best way to wear yellow?

How To Wear Yellow Fabrics

The sheer eye-catching power of yellow means that, as we hinted at above, it does need to be used sparingly. This doesn’t mean you should be afraid of wearing it – just that it’s a good idea to just wear one yellow piece at a time. At Acorn Fabrics, we’d suggest that if you’re going to wear a yellow cotton shirt, you should use other colours for the rest of your outfit.

Remember, it’s a statement colour, which means it loses its effect if it’s used too liberally. Neutrals like grey, beige and charcoal are always good, as they ground your outfit and keep the yellow from becoming too overpowering. On the other hand, careful use of blue and white can give you a nautical, even Mediterranean vibe that’s fantastic for the warmer weather.

Skin tone is another thing to take into account when wearing yellow. If your skin is very fair, it’s worth being that extra bit cautious with it. If you’re not careful, your skin can blend into your outfit, making it look washed out. Trust us, it isn’t a good look! Those with darker skin (or just tan more easily) won’t need to be quite so cautious, but again; respect the power of yellow!

And then there’s the golden rule: confidence. Above all, be confident in yourself. After all, fashion is still to a degree subjective, and we’ve seen outfits that break all the rules being carried off easily through sheer charisma. Wear yellow with confidence and you’ll never fail to look outstanding.

We stock nothing but the best quality fabrics here at Acorn, and we have a fine selection of them in yellow, cream and tan. We’d recommend out Malham 280 lemon fabric. Not only is it a fantastic summer colour, but it’s also got a certain restrained quality about it, making it ripe for pairing with other colours. Feel free to have a browse of our website, and don’t forget you can always reach us on 01282 698662. We’re here to help!

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