How to add a little hygge to your wardrobe

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If you haven’t heard of hygge, the Danish concept that’s hit the UK in a big way, where have you been? Hygge, a way of life in Scandinavia, advocates a relaxed, minimalist way of living away from the stresses of the modern world. Pronounced ‘hooga’ or ‘hue-gah’, hygee applies to all aspects of life – including fashion. In fact, the concept has influenced the way that many Danes and Scandinavians dress today. With this in mind, we thought we’d give you a run down of our best hygee fabrics – guaranteed to make you feel warm, cosy and well this winter.

Four tips for hygge inspired fashion

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  1. Opt for warm fabrics

Hygge is frequently described as ‘cosiness’ – which is something that you can easily achieve with your attire. Opt for warm shirt fabrics paired with luxury cashmere jumpers, jeans and chunky socks. Our warmer shirt fabrics, which fit the hygge trend, include brushed wool cotton fabrics, herringbone and dobbies, and twill fabrics.

  1. Keep it minimalist

The Danes like to keep it simple when it comes to clothing and style. Anything too patterned and busy is seen as distracting, which isn’t good for mental wellbeing. So, when you’re buying your next shirt, why not pick something from our solid cotton fabrics collection?

  1. Back to black

Of all the colours, black is the Danes favourite to wear. It’s minimalist and it’s warm – ideal for colder Scandinavian temperatures. As black absorbs heat, it’s a great choice for us Brits too in the winter months. Our favourite black fabrics include Zephyr Plain Black Solid Fabric and Jubilee Plain Black Solid Fabric – both available for purchase today.

If you’re not a fan of black, opt for neutral coloured apparel – another hit with the Danes. Our Burneside Plain Silver Solid Fabric, Pinpoint Plain Cream Solid Fabric and Royal Pinpoint White Fabric are all ideal.

A touch of tartan

Although tartan isn’t a traditional hygee-style fabric, it does fit the UK’s interpretation of hygee. A classic pattern, tartan is often synonymous with cosy winter wear, woolly blankets and rustic retreats. Tartan shirts usually come out during the autumn and winter months too – thanks to their cosy appeal. When choosing your tartan, we recommend sticking to one of our more demure patterns – like our Brodie Tartan Fabric, Gordon Tartan Fabric or Hunting Stewart Tartan Fabric.

Don’t forget to dress for the weather too! Whatever shirt fabric you choose, make sure you layer up for winter weather. Soft-to-touch jumpers, waterproof coats and wellington boots are all a must in the 2016 man’s wardrobe.

Looking for office-appropriate fabrics for winter? At Acorn Fabrics, we’ve got a huge range of fabrics designed for winter work wear. From solid colour designs to checks and stripes, you’ll find all the best winter fabrics on our website.

What hygge touches will you be adding to your attire? Share your ideas with us over on Twitter @AcornFabrics

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