Acorn Fabrics around the world

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Acorn Fabrics around the world

Our bespoke shirting fabrics aren’t just a hit with customers in the UK. At Acorn Fabrics, we have a huge international client base too – supplying to 86 countries around the world. Our international shipping policy allows us to make quality bespoke shirting affordable for all across the world. From countries in Europe, including Italy, Holland and Hungary, to the USA, Australia and even Vietnam, the whole world is embracing our fantastic range of shirting fabrics.

International fabric suppliers

If you’re not sure whether we ship to your country, this list is for you. To make things easy, we’ve compiled a list of all the main global areas we ship to:

  • Europe (including Germany, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania and Turkey)
  • Nordic countries (including Denmark, Finland and Sweden)
  • South America (including Brazil, Colombia and Paraguay)
  • Plus all the usual big hitters, such as USA, Australia, Japan, South Africa, China and Singapore.

Other countries shipped to include Bermuda, Moldova, Mongolia and Uzbekistan… the list is never ending!

striped cotton fabrics

Our shipping charges are based on the total weight of your order and shipment costs to your country. Once you’ve filled your cart with all the shirting materials you need and go through to the payment section, we’ll be able to calculate your total shipping cost for you. Of course, there’s no commitment to buy before shipping cost is calculated.

All our global orders are shipped by UPS and via international recorded mail – so you can ensure a quality, speedy service. For more information on shipping costs to your country, drop us an email at

Shirting fabric favourites in your country

Want to know what shirting fabrics are leading the way in your part of the world? Our order system collates all orders from around the world, allowing us to assess what fabrics are in most demand and in which countries.

Popular fabrics supplied to the USA

One of the favourite fabric styles in America is our tartan shirting. Fabrics like our Brodie Tartan Fabric are always flying off the shelves with our US customers. The Oxford range is another favourite stateside. Preppy, classic and cool – the Oxford shirting fabrics are perfect for pretty much any occasion.

tartan fabrics

Top fabrics supplied to Europe

Shirting favourites vary across Europe, but as a rule, blue and pink are popular colours – as they are across the globe. Our Jubilee New Blue Solid Fabric and Monarch Plain Pink Solid Fabric are two of our favourite block coloured shirts. Our friends in France and Germany also love green – as seen in fabrics like our Zephyr Plain Sage Green Solid Fabric.

When it comes to shirting materials, the Fife range is Europe’s number one. Ideal for the English gent-inspired look, our brushed fabrics are guaranteed to make you look dapper.

check cotton fabrics

Fabrics supplied to Asia

With their warmer, tropical climate, it’s no surprise that our lighter, finer fabrics go down well in Asia. The Barbados linen shirt fabrics and Grasmere linen shirt fabrics are particularly popular in Singapore and Hong Kong, while the Cambridge pique shirt fabric is a favourite in Japan.

coloured cotton fabrics

Don’t forget we do accessories too! For buttons, sewing labels and more, head to our Shirting Accessories page.

Are you one of our international customers? If so, tell us where you’re from and what keeps bringing you back to Acorn Fabrics by tweeting us @AcornFabrics

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