Introducing the Devonshire fabric range

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Introducing the Devonshire fabric range

At Acorn Fabrics, we always like to make sure we stay on top of the latest men’s fashion trends and deliver shirting fabrics you’re sure to look good in. So, when we found printed fabrics were taking the fashion world by storm, we thought we’d introduce some of our favourite bold print shirting fabrics. The Devonshire range, new to Acorn Fabrics for spring, boasts five stylish print fabrics. With a variety of colours and patterns, we’ve got something to suit all styles and skin tones.


The new range: What you’ll find

Our newest print range includes bold red shirting and lots of laid-back blue. Florals dominate our prints due to the upcoming trends.

Devonshire 01 cherry is perfect for summer. With a burst of cherry red, it’s sure to add a touch of colour to any special occasion and looks great with denim or tan.

Introducing the Devonshire fabric range in cherry

Devonshire 02 blue is a great choice for those of you that are a little nervous about wearing prints. The shirting itself is a royal blue shade while the leaf print is in white. Team with tan canvas shorts for those long summer evenings or with chinos by day.

Introducing the Devonshire fabric range in blue

Devonshire 03 navy is another great option for those of you that don’t want anything too loud. With its similar colour palette to Devonshire 02 blue, it looks good with canvas shorts and chinos too and is a great all-season shirt.

If you’re a creative or you like making a statement, you’ll love Devonshire 04 red. Combining blues, white, and a pop of red, it’s perhaps our loudest design yet. Best of all, it’s perfect for summer.

Introducing the Devonshire fabric range in flower

If you’re looking for patterned shirting to wear all-year round, choose Devonshire 05 indigo. With a colour palette of navy and royal blue, the whole look and feel of this shirt is toned down – despite its bold print. What’s more, it can be teamed with pretty much anything!

Introducing the Devonshire fabric range in indigo dark

Tips for wearing prints

If you’re thinking of investing in one of our printed fabrics, but you’re not sure how best to wear it, why not take advantage of our top tips?

If you want to dial things down a little add a plain crew knit to your attire. Layering always ensures a more understated look.

It’s always advisable to choose just one print for each look. If you’re wearing one of our shirts, it’s best to keep the rest of your look plain and simple. Block colour jeans, jumpers, chinos and shorts will all work.

When picking your print shirt, it’s a good idea to keep the season in mind. Floral prints don’t always have to mean spring and summer. Darker florals work well in winter months too while lighter fabrics and bright colours are a must for your summer wardrobe.

To shop all our latest fabrics, head over to our New Fabrics Selections page.

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