Key shirting styles for The Glorious Twelfth

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Key shirting styles for The Glorious Twelfth

Over the last few weeks, we talked about all kinds of summer shirting materials and summer styles. However, now autumn is quickly approaching, it’s a great time to start shopping for your autumnal attire. With the shooting season now underway, you can ditch the superfine poplin shirts and thinner materials in favour for corduroy, tweed and brushed cotton / wool shirts. After all, The Glorious Twelfth has just begun…

The Glorious Twelfth – What is it?

Unless you’re a shooting enthusiast, you may not have heard of The Glorious Twelfth. The Glorious Twelfth began on 12th August – as it does every year. It marks the first day of the grouse shooting season, which continues right through until December. While there is much controversy about the sport, it still remains incredibly popular – with the elite paying thousands to join hunting holidays across the UK.

The best style for the season

fife brushed wool cotton brown check fabric

As always, looking the part is essential when it comes to this sport. The right shirt is central to your look and in this case, you should pick a brushed cotton / wool shirt. Our wool and cotton blend shirts are soft to touch, warm and breathable. In the process of creating the fabric, the material is brushed to remove any lint and fibres. Most of our brushed wool and cotton shirts feature a twill weave too, known for its soft feel and appearance and wrinkle-free qualities.

Some of our favourites include:

  • Fife 25 brown check fabric – A cotton twill with a large country check design in tan.
  • Fife 50 blue check fabric – A cotton twill with a fine blue country check.
  • Fife 50 burgundy (red) check fabric – A cotton twill with a wine country check.
  • Kendal dale blue check fabric – A wool and cotton fabric with a fine blue country check.
  • Kendal dale rust check fabric – A wool and cotton fabric with a fine red country check.
  • Kendal stag red check fabric – A wool and cotton fabric with a red, blue and tan country check.

Best of all, when you buy from Acorn Fabrics you can guarantee a shirt that fits you perfectly. As we provide you with the material, you can have each item tailored to your shape and size. Unlike off-the-peg country clothes, which tend to be shapeless and lack style, an Acorn Fabrics bespoke shirt will ensure you look stylish and just the part.

Your shirt is just the start of your stylish attire. Other clothing items you might want to keep in mind include:

  • A feather fedora with a touch of colour or traditional-style shooting hat in tweed.
  • A quilted waistcoat or gilet.
  • A warm cover-up, such as a tweed field coat.
  • Slim-fit trousers with forward pleats.

If you’re looking for more casual country-style fabrics, why not explore our check fabrics collection? We’ve got dozens of colour combinations and check styles for you to choose from.

What shirting will you be wearing to your next shooting event? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @AcornFabrics

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