Why linen fabric is the perfect choice for summer

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Why linen fabric is the perfect choice for summer

Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean all those shirts of yours have to go back in your wardrobe. By choosing a summer-ready fabric, you can look good and feel great without worrying about getting all hot and bothered. So, instead of using summer as an excuse to dress down, why not keep up your stylish look with linen fabric – It’s perfect for hot weather and summer months.

Linen is a natural fabric made from the flax plant. Its unique weave and fibres mean that linen allows more airflow than other fabrics. What’s more, its stiff structure makes it less likely to cling to your skin – ensuring you remain cool.


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Some of the reasons it’s perfect for summer include:

It’s lightweight

The weave and thickness of the material help to ensure you keep cool. Heavier fabrics, on the other hand, tend to cling to your skin and trap sweat. In turn, this makes you feel uncomfortable and unfortunately the feeling doesn’t get better over time. Instead, a layer of heat becomes trapped between the fabric and your body – making you feel even warmer than you did before!

It’s breathable

As linen is a natural fibre, it allows air to circulate and heat and moist air to escape. This helps you maintain a cool body temperature. One of the reasons why breathability is so important is that trapped moisture tends to create stale, smelly odours – which won’t be appreciated by friends, family, or colleagues! Linen, however, can absorb as much as 1/5 of its weight before it feels damp or wet.

It reflects heat

Linen has the highest heat reflection properties compared to other shirting materials. This is partly due to its natural fibres and partly due to its unique structure. This means it has good “shading” properties, helping you to feel cooler.

If you’re thinking of trying linen this summer, we recommend our Barbados Plain Cream shirting, Linen Plain White, Linen Plain Powder, and Linen Plain Ocean.

If you’re really not too sure about linen, why not try one of our other favourite summer fabrics? Poplin and superfine poplin are great choices – especially for those looking for a lightweight shirt to wear to the office.

Other tips for staying cool in summer

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If you’re keen to keep cool this summer, keep the following in mind:

Cover up

While it might seem contradictory, covering up is actually a good idea. Not only will a long sleeved shirt keep you protected from the sun’s rays, when wearing the right fabric, heat and excess sweat will be properly managed and evaporate, helping you to feel cooler.

Stay away from dark colours

Dark colours absorb more light, making you feel even hotter. Light colours, on the other hand, reflect light – helping you feel cooler no matter what the temperature.

Avoid polyester, silk and satin

These materials don’t breathe well and trap heat rather than letting it escape. While you probably won’t be wearing a silk shirt anytime soon, it’s worth keeping in mind your other garments – like jackets and blazers – which may be lined with a material like silk or polyester.

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