The Style Of The Oscars: How To Look Your Best In A Tuxedo

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the style of the oscars how to look your best in a tuxedo

With last weeks Oscars still a hot topic of discussion, we thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the perfect tuxedos. There were certainly a lot of fashion dos and don’ts at Oscars – after all, the celebrities are the ones who can afford to take the risks! – but when going to your own black tie event, there are some key rules you should definitely follow to help you look the best in your tuxedo.

Your Personal Tuxedo Style

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The key thing to remember about a tuxedo is that it’s not just a suit – it’s a statement. And in this particular instance, that statement is all about respect. It’s respect for the event you’re going to, respect for your fellow attendees, and just generally an indication that you’re taking the entire thing seriously. It’s definitely not the time to try out wacky new looks, and style risks should be taken with extreme caution, as any fashion faux pas will be not only noticed, but probably remembered for a long time afterward!

Keep things simple – the traditional way forward is a single-breasted tuxedo with only one button, and either peaked lapels or a shawl collar. Peaked lapels are the more frequently chosen option, as they’re seen as more stylised and formal. Don’t forget to make sure the suit fits – and that you dress for your body type!

Choosing The Right Shirt

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When it comes to formal wear, your tuxedo shirt should usually be a straightforward, solid white shirt. Black shirts are permissible in the case of proms and similar events, but they can’t achieve quite the same effect, and should always be a secondary option. Your shirt should have a semi-spread or a spread collar to frame the bow tie. Wing collars are an option, but turn-down collars work just as well, and as a bonus you may end up getting more wear out of the shirt outside black-tie events. We’d recommend our Malham 140 as the ideal fabric for dress shirts, while our Gabardine navy fabric is a perfect option for dark, smart trousers.

The Finishing Touches


Waist coverings are something you’ll need to consider, whether that’s in the form of a formal waistcoat or cummerbund sash. Whichever one you choose, they should conceal the waistband of your trousers all the way around. By bridging this gap, a waist covering will make you look taller and slimmer, adding an essential element of verticality to your tux. Waistcoats go well with peaked lapels, while cummerbunds go neatly with shawl collars, but the rules are somewhat flexible here. The only hard and fast one is that a cummerbund can never be worn with a long tie. Meanwhile, understated cufflinks and a pocket square for your tuxedo jacket are both opportunities for you to show a little subtle personal styling. (Our Oxford Plain Yellow fabric is a particularly good option for a pocket square.) Don’t go too far with the flair though – remember it’s still a formal event!

A good tuxedo is a complex, many-layered thing, and as you’ll see if you’ve ever watched the Oscars, there’s still a fair bit of room for flexibility. Learn from the mistakes of the celebrities though, and watch carefully for the reactions! Though sometimes style risks pay off, when going to your own black tie events it’s wise to follow this set of broad rules to make sure you look your best; and that your tuxedo draws all the right kind of attention. If you need any help or advice, you can always contact us or call us on 01282 698662.

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