Perfect Fabrics For Father’s Day – Our New Range Of Kingston Fabrics

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With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, it’s likely that you’ve already begun your search for something to get your Dad this Sunday. We’ve got no shortage of options for you here at Acorn Fabrics, but our latest recommendation is something brand new: our Kingston solid fabric. It’s a type of Gabardine fabric, which is famous for its toughness and durability. Historically Gabardine fabrics have typically been used for heavier items of clothing, but Kingston is a little bit different.

What Is Gabardine Fabric?

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Gabardine has been a favourite for cotton shirting fabrics for centuries now – the first variants of Gabardine fabric date as far back as the 15th and 16th century, though it wasn’t patented until 1879 by one Thomas Burberry. (Yes, that Burberry.)

Gabardine is a tough heavyweight cotton, a twill-weave fabric traditionally made from wool. Like all twill weave fabrics, it has a smooth surface on one side and a diagonal rib on the other. The diagonal rib is closely spaced and slightly raised, and only obvious on close inspection. Gabardine fabrics are traditionally used in uniforms and workwear; it’s famously durable and long wearing, making it well suited to the frantic, sometimes stressful nature of the working day. But alongside its physical capabilities, it holds its shape pretty well too and doesn’t wrinkle too easily. This also makes it useful for articles of clothing like overcoats, which are subject to more punishment than, say, the average silk shirt.

As such a versatile and hardy fabric, it’s little wonder that Gabardine has seen such widespread and long-term use. It’s just one of the reasons we decided it was a perfect basis for our Kingston range of cotton shirting fabrics.

What Is Acorn’s Kingston Fabric?

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Essentially, our Kingston fabric is a fine Gabardine. To briefly dip into specifics of Kingston’s yarn count, it uses 2 fold 60’s yarns, and is only 215 grams per square metre. This means it’s not quite as coarse or heavy as many of our Gabardine fabrics, making it useful for shirts and a variety of other garments (not just suits or coats).

At the moment, our priority at Acorn is building up a good spectrum of colours, so that you have the maximum number of options when it comes to picking out your favourite shade of Kingston fabric. We’ve already got an impressive number of options, including Kingston Red and Kingston Forest Green, so we’re sure you’ll be able to find something to your Dad’s tastes.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little different, we can cater for that too. We’ve got a collection of over 500 fabrics in our range, and to celebrate Father’s Day this coming Sunday 18th June, we’re offering all our customers 20% off all orders over £100. There’s no better time to splash out on a quality gift for Father’s Day!

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