No Jacket Required

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No Jacket Required

Recently, in an article in the March edition of GQ, the author Trevor Dolby explained how he feels that the “uniform” of jacket and tie is a thing of the past and in his article, he continues to explain what the new rules of looking sharp are. It is his opinion that wearing a jacket and a tie is no longer required, and as such he writes…

“ It’s all about the shirt. The shirt has to be crisp and clean, tight collared, with discreet cuff links – don’t even think about fabric Gordian knots. Pay a little extra. Your shirt is now your shop front. No checks, no plain bright colours, no flannel, no wide stripes, no button-downs, no pleats, no tucks, no short sleeves and absolutely no polo shirts. Just a straightforward, traditional, tailored shirt with a spread collar and French cuffs.”

In-keeping with this perspective, we here at acorn have compiled a list of “straightforward” shirtings….

Pick a Plain….

At the moment, your plain shirt needs to be not too bright, not too dark. White is classic but light to mid shades of blue are always easy to carry off. We have tried to suggest something other than plain poplin and these fabrics have a nice surface weave effects – they are “plains with a difference”

Malham 100 white

Balmoral 230 white

Malham 250 white

Skipton panama white

Burneside Plain Sky

Zephyr Blue

Add a neat stripe…..

Narrow, fine, classic stripes are timeless and elegant. We suggest the following;

Grasmere GE Sky

Grasmere GK Sky

Burneside 300 Sky

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