Oxford shirt etiquette

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Oxford shirt etiquette

Looking for a shirting fabric that’s suitable for just about any occasion? The Oxford fabric is our go-to in the Acorn Fabrics range. A timeless classic, stocked in many colours, the stylish tailoring is great for both casual dates and more formal affairs – so it’s no surprise that it features in practically every man’s wardrobe. But which of our Oxford fabrics work best for which occasions, and what should you team them with? From a classic white to something a little more vibrant, find out how to choose an Oxford shirt to fit every occasion and style.

The history of the Oxford fabric

The Oxford fabric has been in production for centuries. Originally made in the 19th century, in Scottish fabric mills, Oxford cloth was once the classic long sleeve shirt material worn by English polo players.

Over time, Oxford shirting has become more and more popular and widespread. Now usually associated with preppy style, after being adopted by Ivy League students in the 1950s, it’s perhaps one of the most fashionable materials around today.

Oxford shirt etiquette

How to wear it?

The great thing about Oxford shirting is that it’s suitable for pretty much any occasion. Through careful choice of colour and style, you can find the perfect Oxford shirting for a low-key date or a formal dinner.

Style it casual

If you’re going for the casual look, pair a blue Oxford shirt with tapered jeans. It’s a classic combo that will look always look stylish and can be teamed with a casual jacket on cooler days or evenings.

Recommended shirting: Oxford plain white, Oxford plain navy

Style it smart-casual

Getting the smart-casual look right can be tricky, but we always recommend choosing your shirt first, keeping it as the focus item, and dressing around it.

Opt for subtle block colour fabrics, or one of our classic bengal stripes, and team with a pair of slim fit chinos. This combination will give you a put together but relaxed look, which could also be teamed with a herringbone or tweed well-cut jacket.

Recommended shirting: Royal Oxford blue, Oxford Yale navy, Royal Oxford sea

Style it smart

If you’re looking for shirting for a more formal affair, it’s a good idea to stick to white, or for a work meeting you might like to choose one of our Bengal stripe fabrics. Match your shirt with a pair of well-fitted trousers and add some flair with a plain tie, cufflinks and a belt.

Recommended shirting:, Oxford Bengal wine

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