Our Recommended Shirting Fabrics For The Racing Season

Posted On: Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 0 comments
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Springtime is almost in full swing, and the racing season has gotten off to a flying start with the Grand National this month. It’s only just beginning too, with events due to continue long into the summer. With that in mind, if you’re planning on attending any such event it’s always a good idea to look your absolute best. We’re here to help on that front, with our list of some of the best shirting fabrics to wear out on racing days.

Fife 20 Brown Check Fabric

We’re kicking off with a fantastic example of our country checks. The Fife 20 Brown Check fabric uses a mix of colours to create an airy but grounded colour palette that’s replete with British rural charm – perfect for a quintessentially British day at the races.

King AC8 Pink Check Fabric

In keeping with the British theme, the King AC8 pink check’s pattern is reminiscent of the traditional picnic blankets that have accompanied summertime al fresco meals since the early 20th century. It’s another light and breezy fabric that’s wonderfully in keeping with the summertime season.

Grasmere GAC Red Striped Fabric

Moving onto our striped fabrics now, the Grasmere GAC Red Striped fabric brings a much-needed little bit of blue into your racing wardrobe. The colours are pleasant and understated, with the vibrant red providing a great injection of colour, and giving a simple edge to the lighter tones of the white and blue stripes.

King AP Purple Striped Fabric

If you’re looking for something vibrant and eye-catching, the King AP Striped fabric is definitely the one to go for, with bold purple stripes that really will help your outfit to literally stand out amongst the crowd. Meanwhile, the purple is offset by modest white stripes, so that overall effect isn’t too overpowering. The end result is a vibrant fabric that certainly makes a strong impression!

Grasmere Plain Cornflower Solid Fabric

 grasmere plain cornflower

The fantastic thing about solid fabrics is that they’re generally very difficult to get wrong, making them an excellent safe choice. The Grasmere Cornflower Blue fabric is more reserved than some of the other options we’ve listed so far, making it well suited if you’re going for a more formal, traditional style. It’s also highly versatile, which means it’s ideal for layering with other fabrics – especially if the weather takes a chilly turn!

Cambridge Plain White Cotton Fabric

No wardrobe can be without a selection of reliable white shirts, and our Cambridge White Cotton fabric is a perfect example. White cotton shirts are unmatched in terms of their versatility, making a brilliant accompaniment to any style of outfit, no matter the occasion. It’s an essential building block in a man’s wardrobe, and gives you some valuable wiggle room to experiment with your own personal style.

Your options don’t end there – far from it! At Acorn, we have a whole range of fabrics to suit you, whatever your style. You can browse our some of our fabric looks if you’re looking for something specific, or take a look at some of our country checks – a popular racing favourite!

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