The Smoothest In Cinema: The Styles Of James Bond

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There are few characters in the history of cinema with such an enduring sartorial legacy as Bond. Fast cars, beautiful women, he is the epitome of ideal masculinity. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the styles of two of the most current and stylish Bonds – Sean Connery and Daniel Craig.

Tuxedos: Mastering The Evening Wear

There hasn’t been a film yet in which Bond hasn’t found himself at a black-tie event, which is likely the most enduring images of the character often feature him in his trademark evening wear. Interestingly though, the tuxedos themselves change subtly with every new incarnation of James Bond. When Sean Connery first appears onscreen in Dr No, he’s wearing a memorable midnight blue dinner jacket with a satin shawl collar. The satin shawl collar – or shawl lapel – is a continuous curve, considered more formal than a peak or notched lapel. It’s for largely this reason it’s now most commonly associated with the tux. Fast forward to today, and films like Spectre and Casino Royale see Daniel Craig wearing a similar well-tailored evening suit, but one that is altered to better suit his shape. Given that Craig has an exceptionally tall and muscular physique (much like Idris Elba), the correct fit is vital to carrying off the overall effect. Although elements of the tuxedos have changed across the years, there are some that remain steady – things like the length of shirt cuffs, the same light blue cotton shirts, such as our Grasmere GD sky solid fabric, and the refreshingly simple ties.

Substance And Style: The Grey Suit

The grey suit radiates with a presence like no other, making it a perfect outfit for the inscrutable, super-suave Commander Bond. It’s no surprise, then, that several actors have worn their own versions throughout the history of the film series. Connery’s version is grounded with a navy grenadine tie, worn with that classic light blue shirt. Meanwhile, for Daniel Craig’s outfit in Skyfall, he reportedly asked for one a slim-fitting suit tailored near the body, so that the suit looked less like mere clothing and more like an extension of the man himself. We can see what Craig means – if ever a character looked like he was literally born in formal wear, it would be James Bond. Both Craig and Connery’s suits are made of separate but equally lightweight shirting fabric, especially given their relative eras – Connery’s were flannel suits, whereas Craig’s are made up of worsteds and blends with mohair and silk. Again, there are some elements that have remained unchanged throughout the years – for example, both Bonds eschew wearing a belt, which makes sense in-universe, too. After all, why would a man who routinely fist-fights atop trains wear anything as restrictive as a belt?

While choosing the right clothes and fabrics are huge decisions, achieving Bond’s style is also about the cut of your clothes. Anything too baggy or too tight is going to undercut the effect, especially in black tie events. For this reason, we’d recommend paying attention to your body type just as much as you would to choosing your clothing. In the meantime, we’ve got a range of formal wear fabrics that are perfect for weddings, proms or cruises, or anything in between.

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