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Whether it’s mandatory for you to wear a shirt and tie or not, getting dressed up for the office is always a good look. From casual shirting to sharper shirt fabrics, today’s guide gives you all you need to know for a new and improved look.

Everyday office wear: The Oxford shirt

The Oxford shirt is the answer to that smart-casual work look so many of us are after. What’s great about the Oxford is that it can be dressed up and down and even teamed with chinos on dress down Friday.

oxford shirt fabric in blue


Seasonal style: Dress for summer and winter

There’s nothing worse than feeling too hot or too cold in your chosen attire. To ensure you always feel your best, pick shirting material for the season. Lightweight poplin fabric is ideal for summer while heavier twill fabrics are the perfect choice for winter months

A good look for creatives: Look sharp in stripes

Whether you’re going to be sitting at your desk all day or you’re liaising with clients, a striped shirt fabric is a great option. Opt for thin pinstripes rather than a bold, patterned effect and stick to traditional colours like white, blue and burgundy.


striped shirt fabric


Make an impression: Smart shirts for meetings

If you’ve got something extra special coming up in your work calendar, it’s a good idea to wear something smart and opt for a classic work shirt. Stick to a neutral colour such as white, black, or blue to ensure your shirt fits with your suit / tie combination. A regular collar is also a good idea, compared to more fashionable designs like granddad collar shirts.

Great for Fridays: Add a touch of colour

Blue is perhaps the most popular colour when it comes to work shirts – but it needn’t be. Instead of going for classic blue, why not add some more interesting tones into the workplace with a soft pink shirt. Don’t go for anything that’s too loud – stick to a pastel tone instead, like our pinpoint plain pink shirt fabric. You can also tone down the look with a darker tie in a navy or aubergine colour

Other top tips to remember…

shirt measuring


  1. Measure up

Make sure to measure your chest and collar size before choosing a shirt. You should measure your chest under your armpits, around the fullest part of your chest, and your collar measurement should allow two fingers to fit between your neck and your shirt.


  1. Go fitted

When choosing a shirt, make sure you opt for well fitted tailoring – even if you are self conscious of your waistline. A fitted shirt will always flatter your body type while a badly, unfitted shirt will actually emphasise your size and make you look larger than you are.


  1. Tuck it in

A tucked in shirt will never go out of fashion – so forget any current trends, keep your look sharp by keeping your shirt tucked in.


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