Survive the heatwave: Top summer fabric picks

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shirting summer fabric

While you may think that t-shirts and tank tops are best for summer, they’re actually a lot less practical than long-sleeved shirts. When it comes to summer, the more skin that is covered, the better. Long-sleeved shirts, made from summer-ready materials like voile, linen, and batiste, offer that all-important protection in summer. Summer fabrics like these can also absorb sweat, ensuring you feel fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Poplin fabric

If you’re looking for summer-ready shirting for the workplace, choose poplin shirting fabrics. Cotton fabrics are great for summer as they’re natural rather than manmade, but choosing the right version of cotton is important. Avoid heavier cottons and stick to lightweight versions like poplin, which will be much cooler than other cotton dress shirts. Cotton fabrics like poplin are also breathable too, absorbing sweat and moisture – ensuring you don’t feel hot, sticky and uncomfortable.

blue check poplin fabric


Batiste fabric

Like poplin, lightweight batiste fabric is a cotton too – making it ideal for a heatwave. In fact, it’s even lighter than poplin, so it’s a great choice for hot climates and sunny getaways. One of the disadvantages of batiste though, it that it’s somewhat transparent.

striped Batiste fabric


Linen fabrics

Linen shirting fabrics is a go-to material for many during the hot summer season. It’s fresh and breezy and guaranteed to keep you cool – but better suited to holidays and home as opposed to the workplace. As a light, natural material, linen also tends to dry faster and absorb any sweat – while a heavier fabric will cling and trap sweat making you feel hot and uncomfortable.

linen fabric sample


Voile fabric

Voile shirting fabric is a great choice for summer. Thanks to its design, the fabric is soft and airy – ideal for ensuring you stay cool in hot climates. It does tend to wrinkle easily though, so if you have to travel long-distance to a meeting if may not be the best choice. The shirt is also more transparent than the other lightweight shirts we’ve covered today – so this may be one to wear at home or layer with during the summer months.

blue and pink check Voile fabrics


Other tips for staying cool this summer


  1. Choose light coloured fabrics

It’s not just about the materials you wear; choice of colour is also important. While dark colours absorb light, lighter colours, like white, yellow, and pale blue, reflect light – helping you to stay cool in summer.


  1. Choose a lightweight, unlined blazer

If you have to wear a jacket for work, make sure you’ve got a heatwave-appropriate option in your wardrobe. The majority of blazers are lined with fabrics like polyester or silk, which are known to trap heat. Instead, choose an unlined jacket. This will better allow air circulation and keep you cool.


  1. Team shirting with chinos

We’ve already talked about the benefits of cotton in summer – and that’s exactly why chinos are the perfect trousers for pairing with your summer shirt. Ideal for work and home, they keep your legs covered and protected from the sun while allowing good air circulation and breathability too.


For more summer shirting inspiration, why not have a look at our vacation-ready fabrics? You’ll have choice of all the best fabrics and styles.

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