Tantalising Tattersall

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Tantalising tattersall

Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose the right shirting for an occasion. Should you go for checks or a tartan fabric, or a white on white design, or will herringbone fabrics be the best option for your desired look? At Acorn Fabrics, we understand all those shirting dilemmas, which is why we’re going to be looking at Tattersall fabrics – one of our most popular – in today’s shirting guide…

What is it?

Tattersall is a pattern featuring alternating grids that are interwoven into the cloth. The checks are neither too small, nor too big, ensuring a pattern that’s subtle and stylish, rather than too bold. The fabric usually has one grid that is a darker colour and one grid in a lighter colour and has been popular since the 18th century. The cloth pattern takes its name from Tattersal horse market, which was started in London in 1766.

Tattersall first made its mark in the 1770s and continues to be worn for its more casual, sporty feel. However, it can be dressed up too and is a great option to team with tweed for race-goers.


Who is it for?

Tattersall fabrics are the ideal choice for guys that want to add subtle pattern to their business shirt collection or want something comfortable, yet sharp, for those weekend pursuits. The pattern offers just the right mix of smart casual, meaning Tattersall is a great fabric choice for the majority of occasions. In fact, the only time we’d advise against wearing a Tattersall shirts is for formal events, where you’d be best off choosing from our selection of fabrics for black tie events.

Perfect Pairings

As the grid pattern is a major feature of the shirting, you’ll want to keep the rest of your clothing relatively simple. Opt for block colours rather than more patterns, such as paisley, which will more than likely clash.

Tattersall is best paired with solid coloured suits and ties – although variations in fabric, such as tweed, can add subtle pattern, interest and depth to your overall style and work really well too. If you’re really stuck on ideas of how best to team your Tattersall fabric, why not head over to Pinterest? You’ll be able to find plenty of looks, which include Tattersall fabric, allowing you to replicate them with confidence.

Shop our fabrics

Feeling inspired to create your own trendy Tattersall look? Discover which Tattersall fabrics we have to offer in the Checked Fabrics section of our website. Whether you’re looking for something light and bright, or something darker in colour, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

To find out more about our Tattersall fabric, or any of the other fabrics in our range, feel free to contact our expert team. You can call us on 01282 698662 or drop us an email on sales@acornfabrics.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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