The essential elements to Scandinavian style

Posted On: Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 0 comments

Of all the new styles which have increasingly established themselves during the past few seasons in the UK, the Scandinavian style for clothing has become increasingly popular. The hallmarks of this style are highly versatile, such as the minimalist appearance and the use of solid, neutral colours (many of which you’ll find in our range of cotton shirting fabrics). Interestingly, this versatility means that the Scandinavian style is not specifically a summer or winter look – it works in different seasons perfectly well which makes it an affordable style to adopt.

The simple appeal of going Scandinavian

The stylish yet not overly fussy appearance adopted in Scandinavia has translated well over to the UK. Many fashions can be somewhat ephemeral, so it’s easy to understand the appeal of the timeless, classic appearance afforded by Scandinavian style. This way, if a jacket or overcoat becomes a favourite of theirs, they don’t have to abandon it to the fickle of fashion. This is also the case when investing in better quality fabrics to get the most out of any outfit or spending up to get a long-lasting fabric.

Redefining menswear with the Northern Europe influence began on the catwalks but eventually moved down to the street level. Working with common items like a basic jacket, a pair of jeans or the standard t-shirt, men are switching from complicated outfits where matching clothing becomes challenging to simpler ensembles that take the hassle out of picking what to wear each morning.

Fastidious attention to detail

One hallmark of Scandinavian fashion is attention to detail, and where the fashion makes its statement is in the materials used. Whether it’s the best Egyptian cotton for a shirt, a lovely lambswool for a sweater, or a long overcoat in smooth, luxurious cashmere, the fabric is where the sophisticates pay attention. And then it’s the subtle detailing with stylish lines, great fitting and finishes with attractive buttons. No detail is missed.

Here at Acorn Fabrics, we’re ideally placed to provide the type of fabrics that make the Scandinavian fashion work. Where the careful selection of colours, styles, textures and fabrics is needed to pull off the right first impression, we’ve got just the thing.

Nordic inspiration

Getting some Nordic inspiration allows for some impressive flexibility in style. Matching a dapper cream Oxford shirt with some darker-hued chinos provides ample contrast to look well dressed yet understated at the same time.

Fancier designs are also possible, but with Scandinavian fashion, they’re used sparingly. Because of this, they stand out more than a busy look from head to toe.

Above all, you’ll be pleased to hear that the essential elements of the Scandinavian style aren’t difficult to put together. It won’t require you to throw out your whole wardrobe either. Feel free to browse your favourite fabrics right here on our site, or alternatively give us a call on 01282 698 662, and we’ll be happy to help!

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