Timeless Style Rules For Men

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With the end of London Fashion Week only a few days ago, we (and we’re sure you at home) have seen some innovative and truly memorable designs from some of the industry’s leading creatives. One of the most fascinating things about the fashion industry is that unfailingly, every year brings something completely different and new. That set us thinking about the opposite end of the scale, so we thought it was worth taking a look at the five most timeless rules of style – all of which will be as relevant in 100 years as they are now.

Our 5 top timeless fashion rules are:

  1. Dress for your body shape.
  2. Make sure you have all the essentials.
  3. Buy quality, not quantity.
  4. Don’t go overboard with colour.
  5. Express yourself.

So, let’s deconstruct them in a little more detail, shall we?

  1. Dress For Your Body Shape

tweed suit in shop window

Our first one is top of the list for a number of reasons. You may have read our blog a few months ago about the various styles of Idris Elba. One of the reasons why Idris often looks so effortlessly stylish is simply because he always makes sure to wear clothes that fit him. He doesn’t wear anything too big and risk looking dishevelled, but he also doesn’t wear anything too tight and risk look like he’s trying too hard.

Wearing clothes in the right fit is always going to be relevant. The Victorians knew how to carry off a good business suit, while many of us look back on the shell suits of the 80s with abject horror. Newer doesn’t automatically mean better!

  1. Get The Essentials

    a classic white shirt

There are certain articles of clothing no man’s wardrobe should ever be without. If you’re ever invited to any formal occasion, whether it’s a wedding, a dinner dance, a charity function or a funeral, you absolutely won’t get through the door with jeans and a T-shirt. That’s why you’ve got to make sure you have:

  1. A black suit

Necessary for formal or sombre occasions, a black suit gives off an air of respect and dignity.

  1. A blue suit

A blue suit is perfect for celebratory events, as it’s wonderfully versatile but with enough colour to give it a good sense of character.

  1. A decent overcoat

You can’t wear a suit with a denim jacket, no matter how experimental your style might be. A heavy overcoat neatly rounds off your suit, and gives you enough protection from the chillier weather.

  1. A pair of well-polished shoes

We have plenty to say here, but British fashion designer Hardy Amies said it best: “It is totally impossible to be well-dressed in cheap shoes.”

  1. A white shirt

A true timeless staple, a white shirt can be worn for any occasion you can think of, making it truly invaluable


  1. Buy Quality, Not Quantity

This is linked closely with our last few points – you need something that lasts. Cheap suits and stringy cotton fabrics are obvious from a mile, and will bring you a lot of unfavourable (and quite likely silent) attention at functions. Even if money is a little tight, treat your clothing like an investment. You can build up your wardrobe piece by piece, and still look good doing it. Trust us, even if that initial spend might seem scary, you’ll definitely get your value out of it! At Acorn, we deal only in the highest quality shirting fabrics, so if you’re looking for that first piece to get you started, you could do worse than by browsing our stock!

  1. Subtle, Muted Shades Complement Your Look

Back in May we devoted quite a lot of our blog space to how to wear various colours. The ones we’ve covered so far are yellow, blue and pink. Yellow and pink are bold statement colours; they’re known for being very easy to get wrong, leading most men to steer clear of them. And it’s true; vivid colours can all too easily look garish if you’re too liberal with them, or you have too many competing colours in your outfit.

The trick is to keep things low-key, and leave bold colours like yellow or red as statement pieces. Once again, history has shown us that muted blues, greys and browns have endured for decades, and still look just as good today as they did then. (Sort of) living proof of this can be found in the changing styles of James Bond.

  1. Express Yourself!

So, having said that about colour, we think it’s still important to say that style is all about expressing yourself. You don’t want colours that clash or styles that look scruffy, but then again, style is all about experimenting – as anyone at the London Fashion Week will tell you! Sometimes, looking good means breaking the rules, as long as you’ve got the confidence and flair to do so. Changing fashions and trends can give you lots of ideas, but the best person to judge what looks good on you, is you.

We’ll leave you with these wise words from Orson Welles: “Create your own visual style. Let is be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

If you’re wondering where to start, why not browse our fabric types and see which ones strike you? Of course, if you need any help or advice, (or you’d like to place an order) we’re just a phone call away on 01282 698 662.

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