Top Five Button Downs

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Top Five Button Downs

The Classic Button-down is a staple of any gentleman’s wardrobe. It is usually more “sporty” and  less formal than

a dress shirt and is made from fabrics that are more casual in appearance – whether that be in terms of weave,

structure, weight, design or colour. It is hard to select just five fabrics that are deemed “top” of the list but it is not

an exact science and the selection of your favourite shirt is a subjective matter – as is this article…..



Obviously this category covers a multitude of different designs: Prince of

Wales checks; Tattersall checks; Windowpane checks; etc but here we

are talking specifically about designs that are larger than 1cm and

incorporate several different colours in the design of the check. Checks

have always been synonimous with “casual” however there

is a distinction being made here from classic smart business check fabric.


Madras check fabrics are lightweight with typically patterned, textured,

multicoloured designs. They are used primarily for summer .

The fabric takes its name from the former name of the city of

Chennai, India colloquially referred to as, “Madrasi checks.” Also

applicable here is the Tartan fabrics range. Our Tartan is lightweight

and makes a great, slightly more formal button down.




Although originally a medium weight, striped fabric – Gingham is

today known as a square set, balanced check fabric. Historically gingham

wasn’t checked until 18th century. Around the mid 1700’s it began

being woven in the North of England and typically it was woven with

one colour and white. It has many guises and comes in a variety of sizes





Typically a Bengal stripe has the same width of colour and white, or

colour and colour. Today a little “artistic license” means that people

refer to many different stripes as being a Bengal – the main

characteristic being a clean, single stripe (not too small or not too





Top of the list has to be the classic plain Oxford fabrics or Pinpoint fabrics button

down. The Pinpoint offers a crisper finish and handle, where the

Oxford is a softer yet more rugged handle. Both are favourites

amongst our customers for shirts that look and feel great as a

button down, never more popular than right now.

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