Top Five Whites

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Top Five Whites

Throughout 2013, plain white shirting was consistently in the top ten – finishing in the top five

overall bestsellers for the year. Of the whites sold, the following were the top five bestselling whites….


In at number five… Cambridge

Cambridge plain white fabric is unique to the collection as it is constructed using not 2 ply yarns but 3 ply yarns.

This is done so that the weave can be a looser, more open construction but yet not too sheer

or structurally inadequate.  These yarns are stronger, smoother, softer, have a higher resistance

to abrasion and result in a fabric that has a superior luster and handle. Cambridge breathes

very well and is ideal for warmer climates.


Climbing to number four… Royal Oxford

One of the great classic panama weaves, Royal oxford has a nice, subtle yet distinguished

surface texture. It has good body, weight, handle and lustre. It has been a popular fabric

since its inception in the early eighties.


Number three…Windsor

One of the more finer white qualities that we offer. Windsor plain white fabric is woven using 2 ply 140’s

yarns and so has a distinctive soft and silky hand. It is popular amongst customers and

despite its fine yarns, it maintains good poplin characteristics such as a good opaqueness,

good weight and acceptable crease recovery.


Almost there, number two… Pinpoint

Another classic weave, Pinpoint white fabric is characterised by its “pin dot” weave effect. It is heavier

than our poplin and is the archetypal button down workshirt. It is a very robust fabric and

wears well withstanding daily rigours effortlessly.


Bestselling white at number one… Grange

Since 1975, Grange has been the staple fabric of the majority of our users. It has the best

balance of both handle, performance and cost. It is made using our standard 2 ply 100′

yarns which yield a fine fabric that has a weight of around 100gms/sq.inch with good

cover, drape and crease recovery.

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