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Number 5 – Hampton 104 Red

The very presence of 2 of the Hampton range of casual check fabric in the top 5 illustrates the popularity of large checks

at the moment. Historically, such checks would be confined strictly to casual wear, making the odd appearance

on “Dress down Friday”. Recently, large “casual” checks have been creeping into the work place and have been

accepted as regular office attire for the other days of the week aswell!


Number 4 – Hampton 101 Blue

Another large check, its higher ranking purely down to the fact that it’s blue. Blue is the default colour of most men

as it’s perceived as the most easily wearable. Indeed the majority of our sales are in every shade of blue you can

think of. It’s appearance here is, as mentioned above, down to more casual checks being worn at work. Wearing

a blue check to work is a good way of dipping ones toe in the deep waters of this trend before you plunge right in!


Number 3 – Grange Plain white

The fact that a plain fabric in white is in the top 5 is no surprise, however, that fact that it is our standard 2 fold 100’s white and

not a finer fabric, is. Grange has been in the collection for almost 40 years and since its inception has not changed it’s

recipe. It is the fabric equivalent of a “Jack of all trades”. It has the characteristic poplin handle that is both fine enough

to feel soft yet has a welcome opaque density. It is a good weight and has a pure optic white finish. Many have adopted

Grange as their standard white quality as it performs well in all areas and is available at an affordable price also.


Number 2 – Tartan Black Watch 

Tartan fabric is one of those generic fabric terms that everyone has heard of. It is the classic smart/casual crossover

fabric. It has always been popular but recently it has enjoyed the limelight of being well and truly in vogue.

Many catwalk collections have featured tartan in their shows, more specifically, Black watch and in many

different guises from trimmings to complete three piece suits.


Number 1 – Marcella white

Marcella is the heaviest fabric that we offer. It is fabric with an immense history and was originally designed

to be used purely for the bib front of a formal shirt but today it is probably one of the most versatile fabrics

we supply. The method of production of this fabric is such that the resultant textile has a very distinctive

“stiffness” not to mention its “golfball” appearance. It is it’s density that has enabled it to be used in

making Jeans, hunting stocks, waiscoats, bath robes, bow ties, hats, cap bags, lamp shades, jackets,

coats – not to mention shirts. It enjoys a regular appearance, in one form or another, on the cat walk both

during high profile designer shows and during events showcasing the current crop of the UK’s design students.

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