Top tips for spring layering

Posted On: Thursday, March 21st, 2019 0 comments
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Now that brighter and warmer weather is just around the corner (any day now!) it’s time to switch up your wardrobe to match. We’ve got a fantastic range of cotton shirting fabrics here at Acorn to help you do just that, from lightweight voile and batiste fabrics to colourful linen. Now, it’s true that layering your fabrics properly is something of an art – but we’ve got a couple of shortcuts to help you there.

Layer clothing for changeable weather

Layering clothing is especially important for the British springtime because whilst it’s no longer freezing, it’s hardly summer either. Not only is the weather and especially the temperature changeable day to day, but what you face in the morning is often quite different to what you’ll see in the afternoon!

Wearing clothing in layers allows you to add a layer or peel a layer off as and when you need to. For example – just off the top of our heads – you can wear a vest or undershirt, a t-shirt over this and then an unbuttoned long-sleeved shirt made from a high-quality material that’ll keep you warm whilst letting your skin breathe. Alternatively, you can finish the look off with a suit jacket or other overgarment to take the chill out of a strong breeze or light wind.

Infusions of colour

While darker suits still have a favoured place in UK offices, it’s still possible to jazz up your appearance with a pop of colour. Infusing some personality into your business attire lets you stand out from the crowd without overdoing it.

When adding layers, use this as an opportunity to provide a little contrast. For instance, if you’re comfortable wearing a business shirt without a tie in a more casual office environment, then a plain suit with a subtle pattern can be matched with a slightly exuberant shirt underneath. When you aren’t wearing the suit jacket, some plain trousers will go nicely with a shirt that has some personality to it. Alternatively, a shirt with a subtle design goes well with a bolder tie. You can make a fantastic impression by balancing careful infusions of colour with less busy layers.

Accessorise carefully

Accessorising when wearing business clothing requires a bit of care if you want to avoid an overly fussy appearance. Subtleties such as a tie clip, a patterned scarf to offset darker tones, or even fashionable eyewear with fancier frames all work to provide an accented look. For the most part, with accessorising, less is more. You’re better off using one or two items that stand out nicely rather than too many, which can overwhelm the overall effect. Essentially, having too many accessories suggests you might be trying too hard. You’ll only want to use one or two if you’re going for a nicely understated look!

Layering clothing in springtime in the UK is different than in warmer climates, as it’s a delicate art to prepare yourself for any weather conditions while still maintaining all the elements of your personal style. Here at Acorn we supply top quality tailors all over the UK, so if you’re looking for fabrics to complete your personal style, feel free to take a look around our site, or give us a call on 01292 698 662!

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