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different coloured shirts on hangers

Looking to adopt a new, fashionable look this summer? One of the easiest ways to transition your look into the new season is to add a touch of colour to your wardrobe. We’re not suggesting you go all out with a bold three-piece suit; instead, we’re suggesting that you shake things up a little by choosing a summer-ready coloured shirt. Today’s coloured shirting fabrics are influenced by the catwalks of spring/summer 2016; so whether you’re feeling brave enough to go bold, or want to keep things simple when it comes to colour, we have the perfect shirting for you…

Colour fabric trend #1 Summer neutrals

neutral coloured cotton fabric

We thought we’d start off by looking at the more subtle colours of mink, beige, and grey. If you’re a little nervous about wearing colour, these options are a great first move. Neutrals have always been a key feature in the world of fashion, enabling classic styles and clean silhouettes. This year’s neutral shades are light, refreshing, and chic – making them the perfect complement to any look. Team your tailored suit with a sharp grey shirt. Lighten up your work wear with beige / mushroom shirting. While simple, these colours are sure to make an impact,.

Our summer neutral fabric colour collections:

Barbados Plain Cream

Linen Plain White

Barbados Plain Sand

Burneside Plain Silver

Colour fabric trend #2 Earthy tones

earthy toned coloured fabric

While the idea of earth tones may sound a little boring, they’ve actually been at the forefront of many of the collections for spring and summer 2016. Earth tones don’t always mean murky brown and grass green though. Think deep ocean, teals, sunset gold and stylish red brown. Vintage indigo is another popular choice and a great mix of charcoal and inky blue. Bold and masculine… it’s these colours that will look good in the boardroom.

Our earth tones fabric collection:

Garbardine Putty Fabric

Oxford Bengal Wine Striped Fabric

Linen Plain Navy

Colour fabric trend #3 Pastels

pastel coloured fabric

Pastels colours are a great choice if you’re looking for a way to add subtle colour to your summer look. They neither too garish nor too bold and suit the majority of skin tones. Since 2015, pastel shades have been a hit on the men’s fashion catwalks with Savile Row tailors Gieves & Hawkes, Richard James and Hardy Amies all revealing pastel tailoring. Whether you choose nude pinks, mint greens or sky blue, you’re sure to complement the season.

Our pastels fabric collection:

Grasmere GK Sky Striped Fabric

Grasmere Plain Sky

Grasmere Plain Pink

Windsor WH Pink Striped Fabric

While it’s nice to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe for summer, you can never go wrong with all-white shirting. So, when purchasing your next collection of coloured shirts, why not add our Grasmere Plain White shirting to your shopping basket? Crisp, fresh, and minimalist – it’s an all-round winner!

What colours will you be wearing this summer? Share you favourite colours and shirting fabrics in the comments below or tweet us @AcornFabrics

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