What To Consider When Choosing Shirting Fabrics

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We know that it can be difficult to choose the right fabric for your shirts. There’s a lot of information to know about the characteristics of the various different types available. At Acorn, we’re here to help simplify some of that information for you, so here’s a list of factors you’ll definitely want to consider when choosing shirting fabrics.

The Weave And The Season

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The weave is one of the first things you should consider when picking out a shirting fabric. We’ve talked in detail about it before, but essentially the weave refers to the way the shirt is constructed. This is important because the weave affects the thickness and weight of the fabric, which in turn makes it suited for different times of year. Thicker, heavier fabrics like cotton are perfect for the chilly winter months, whereas thinner, softer fabrics like superfine poplin are far better for summertime, as they’re far more breathable. Linen is another lightweight option that won’t leave you sweltering.

The Appearance And Style Of Your Shirts

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This one is sort of obvious, but it bears saying anyway. If you’ve got a particular event in mind during which you plan to wear your new shirt, it’s a good plan to take that into account when picking out the fabric. Cotton shirting fabrics and poplins are both well-suited to formal events. Meanwhile, the vibrant colours and patterns in printed fabrics and tartans give them their own distinct memorable styles.

On the other hand, country checks are another option – they not only look fantastic, but it’s a versatile style, too. They can be worn out on the rolling fields paired with a tweed jacket, but also look smart at social gatherings and on nights out. (It’s worth noting that at Acorn, many of our country checks are in bulkier cotton fabrics, which is again worth bearing in mind when you’re browsing them.)

You can also look even more closely at the individual characteristics of each shirt. Compared to the solid aesthetics of cotton shirts, silk is particularly glossy and shimmery, making it an excellent shirt to impress. Twill, meanwhile, uses a similarly shimmery diagonal weave that makes for a rich texture without compromising on formality, making it brilliant for office wear.

The Durability Of Your Shirting Fabric

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When it comes to durability, there’s no question that wool and cotton are the ones to choose. They’re both hardwearing fabrics that tend to last longer than other, thinner varieties, so they’re excellent investments in that regard. However, that definitely doesn’t mean you should dismiss other fabrics offhand. For example, certain types of linen get softer every time you wash them, and choosing durability above all else can sometimes mean you’ll have to compromise on other factors like appearance and overall style.

Like many things, choosing the right shirting fabric can be about finding a balance. However, depending on the purpose you have in mind for your bespoke shirt, sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too! If you need any advice, at Acorn we’re only too happy to help. You can call us on 01282 698662, or email us at sales@acornfabrics.co.uk.

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