What to wear this spring

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What to wear this spring

Spring sees a change in climate and the landscape – so why not change your attire too, to reflect this change of season? It’s time to put away your winter wardrobe and start dressing for the warmer temperatures ahead – with shirting that’s perfect for spring!

Pale palette

Pale, lighter colours make a welcome return in spring. Your navy and black shirts can be put away in favour of pale pinks, lilacs and light blues. Pale coloured shirts are a great way to add a bit of personality to your look too and offer something a little more exciting than plain white.

what to wear this spring

We recommend:

Grasmere plain pale pink

Grasmere plain sky


Play with patterns

Over the autumn and winter months we tend to stay away from patterns in favour of block colours. However, checks and plaid are a great option for spring and add a little interest to your overall style.

what to wear this spring

We recommend:

Grasmere GW yellow

Windsor WH Pink

Keswick NZ sky


Laid-back linen

If you’re looking for weekend-wear, why not opt for linen shirting? Linen fabrics offer a more relaxed look but can also be worn as a dress shirt too. Pair with chinos to give a more polished look for those nights out or holidays.

what to wear this spring

We recommend:

Barbados plain cream

Linen plain white

Linen plain lagoon


Go bright

If you’re a fan of more extravagant or eccentric attire, why not go bright? Colours needn’t be garish though and can suit just about any skin tone.

What to wear this spring

We recommend:

Jubilee plain pink

Oxford plain yellow

Zephyr plain green


One to avoid…

While we love all our fabrics here at Acorn Fabrics, we do recommend avoiding fabrics like twill, which are far too heavy for the spring / summer months. While it certainly has its perks, keep your twill shirts for winter!


The finishing touches

What to wear this spring

Once you’ve picked your shirting, you’ll want to pick something to complete your look…

If it’s casual you’re going for, team your bespoke shirt with tailored shorts and deck shoes. This look never goes out of fashion.

For a slightly smarter look, why not opt for chinos and your favourite shirt with the sleeves rolled up for a smart/casual feel? Don’t be afraid to play with colours too, such as pink or pale blue. Team with a belt and leather brogues for a look that’s smart but still very on-trend.

If it’s work wear you’re after, keep the fabric light by opting for a material like poplin. You can find our poplin shirts here. We also recommend slim, tailored shirts for a more flattering fit.


What are you waiting for? Shop your favourite fabrics for spring today! Which of our fabrics will you be choosing for spring? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @acornfabrics

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