Why Choose Blue For Your Shirting Fabric?

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The colour blue has always been linked to quality clothing, and according to several independent studies, it’s consistently one of men’s favourite fabric colours. There are lots of reasons for this, and this week at Acorn Fabrics we’re taking a quick look at just a few of them, as well as how you can look your best in blue.

Why Do We Like Blue?

It’s no real surprise that blue is one of our favourite colours when it comes to cotton shirting fabrics, given all the positive qualities commonly associated with it – trust, integrity and efficiency are just a few. Another one of its most valuable qualities is that as humans, we find the colour blue to be physically calming. This means that we also tend to link it with logic, reflection and positive communication (which is why social networks like Facebook and Twitter rely so heavily on it).

It’s especially the latter kinds of associations that make blue such a popular choice for formal shirting fabrics, as it projects an air of reassurance and professionalism. Darker and navy blue suits are often substituted in favour of black in formal or business contexts.

The great thing about blue is that its inherent versatility makes it perfect for formal or informal events alike. Depending on its hue, shade, and how it’s worn, it can project a cheerful, vibrant laid-back vibe just as well as a professional one, making it a brilliant summer fabric. (A good example is our Monarch plain azure solid fabric.) There are few other colours that can fit quite so neatly into such two separate categories!

Of course, we each have our own views of individual colours, but these common, baseline reactions to the colour blue are amongst the reasons why it’s so often a staple of many men’s wardrobes.

How To Wear Blue Fabrics

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The inherent versatility of blue means it goes well with a variety of colours. In any outfit, you’ll want to anchor any bright, vibrant colours with something darker and more grounded. It keeps the boldness of the brighter colour in check, and stops the eye from becoming too distracted. Blue can fulfil either of these roles quite easily, depending on its tone.

Remember the rule of three; ideally, you should try to avoid having more than three bold colours in your entire outfit. Too many colours can distract the eye, making the final effect seem overpowering or garish.

Blue is both a primary colour and a cool one, which means that it’s easily paired with similarly cool colours like violet, turquoise or shades of green. If you’re going to pair blue with another bold colour like red or orange, it’s wise to mute one of them to avoid that overpowering effect.

Lighter shades of blue are also worth their weight in gold – if you’ll pardon the pun. Replacing a traditional white shirt with a light blue checked fabric (such as the King AC1 bluebell) is the perfect way to add a bit of vibrancy to a formal suit without pushing it over the line into inappropriate. This makes it ideal for day-to-day office wear.

On the casual side of things, our Fife 70 Sky Blue fabric and our Devonshire 05 Indigo are both brilliant for weekend wear. The Devonshire is a prime example of what we’re talking about with strong coloured fabrics though, so use with caution!

It’s Easy Being Blue

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Of course, these are just our suggestions, and that’s the great thing about style – the rules are made to be broken! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your personal style, and find out what works best for you. If you find yourself in a quandary with colours, take it from us – you can always rely on blue.

At Acorn, we’ve got a whole range of fabric colours exceptionally well suited to the start of British summertime next month.

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