Why Seamstresses Come To Acorn For Dressmaking Fabrics

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Traditionally we supplied shirtmakers and while this is still very much the case, we are finding that a growing number of our customers purchase our fabrics specifically for dressmaking. Dressmaking is an impressively fine art – easy to pick up but difficult to master – and professional seamstresses are notoriously particular about where they source their fabrics. It’s one of the reasons that we at Acorn are so proud to be a supplier to them.

Why Do Customers Use Acorn Fabrics For Dressmaking?

At Acorn, we pride ourselves on offering an impressive range of fabrics, in various qualities, designs, colours, weaves and weights. This coupled with the fact that you can buy any quantity, means that we’re able to cater to seamstresses of all abilities and experience levels, from students and hobbyists all the way up to full-time professionals. Amongst our full range of products, some of our most frequently purchased dressmaking fabrics are:

Cotton (In plains, stripes and checks and floral prints)


By far the largest category of our range and a famously versatile fabric, cotton is still the most popular fabric we supply. Woven into plain poplin, classic stripes, casual checks and floral prints our cotton also comes in a diverse array of different weights, which is one of the reasons it’s so highly valued by seamstresses and dressmakers. At the moment our Devonshire floral prints are very popular for summer dressmaking as is our new Zephyr quality.



Our Linen is always popular, all year round but even more so this time of year, as it’s a type of fabric commonly used in the creation of light, airy summer clothes. 100% Linen is synonymous with Summer. It has a distinctive look and feel which is a joy to work with. The 100% Linen is crisp and has a stiff drape. It creases more easily than cotton, although this is often regarded as a mark of quality. As an alternative with better crease recovery and a more fluid drape, we have blended bamboo with linen to offer you our Barbados fabric.


white on whites

As the case with our cotton fabrics, our white fabrics are available in a range of different textures and weights. Sheer Voile to Opaque Gabrdine, lightweight batiste to heavy twills and everything in between. If you’re an avid reader of our blog you’ll already know that a white shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing you can own, which may go some way to explaining why the colour is so popular for dresses as well; it’s great for parties and weddings, as well as a whole range of lower-level social occasions. It’s a popular summer colour too, looking as cheerful and breezy as the lovely summer weather.

Shirt Dresses

All of our fabrics have been originally designed for shirts, so our dressmaking customers frequently request fabrics for shirt dresses.

One of our most popular white fabrics for shirt dresses is Prince White. It’s a tightly woven, subtle twill so it appears light but not transparent, which is important in this style of garment. The twill weave also makes it exceptionally soft to the touch, which makes the feel of the final dress all the more attractive to end consumers. Though it’s light enough to be worn in summer, the weight of Prince White is still heavier than the poplin fabrics we stock here at Acorn, which gives it an attractive drape.

Another popular fabric for shirt dresses this season is our Denim. This fabric has had a renaissance recently in shirts, and the trend is still going strong. Our denim is a lightweight one and much lighter than the fabric used for jeans. The combination of weight and the use of fine quality yarn means that our “designer denim” is a perfect choice for your summer dresses and shirts alike.

Meanwhile, our classic King stripes continue to be a popular choice for shirt dresses. Although extremely classical, our striped fabrics are available in a wide range of colours and width settings, so dressmakers and seamstresses have plenty of options when it comes to creating summer dresses. In fact, several of our customers in the public eye use our fabric as the basis to create some imaginative and vey successful designs!

Whatever your industry, you’ll find our fabrics at Acorn are more than up to standard. We hold our product range to our own set of exacting requirements, so we can be sure that as far as shirting and dressmaking fabrics are concerned, you’re getting nothing less than the absolute best. Feel free to click here to browse our range of fabric types, or – if you’re looking for something specific – give our sales line a call on 01282 698662, and one of our friendly members of staff will be happy to help.

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