Why we love batiste fabric

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Why we love batiste fabric

There are so many shirting materials to love in the Acorn Fabrics collection, but batiste has to be one of our favourites. Batiste is another one of our must-have summer materials. Ideal for hot summer weather and exotic getaways, batiste fabrics ensure you stay fresh and cool – no matter what the temperature. Best of all, the fabric isn’t too translucent either – meaning you can get away with batiste fabric at work.

The history of batiste fabric

Batiste fabric is actually named after a famous 13th-century weaver, Jean Baptiste. While linen batiste was popular in the past, 100% cotton batiste fabric or cotton blend batiste tends to be more popular in modern day.

Soft and gentle

While fine, batiste is comfortable to wear. It’s actually made in the same way as organza but unlike organza, it’s soft to wear. You needn’t worry about a crisp, itchy fabric with batiste! In fact, it’s so gentle on the skin that it’s a great choice for those that suffer from allergies or those with sensitive skin.

You’ll find a variety of types of batiste too. It can be made with cotton, wool, polyester or a blend of fabrics – each one boasting its own feel and qualities. Furthermore, it’s strong and durable – meaning any batiste shirt a great investment.

different shades of batiste fabric


Batiste shirt fabric at Acorn Fabrics

At Acorn Fabrics UK, all our batiste shirting materials come in cotton. As cotton is a natural material, it’s the most practical and comfortable choice for shirting. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, can make you feel hotter on those warm summer days.

Our plain-woven cotton fabric is available in a multitude of colours and has 2ply yarns in the warp and single yarns in the weft. This gives the shirt a light, sheer quality that’s ideal for hot temperatures. The composition of our batiste shirts also makes them a little more practical than voile – a very sheer fabric that’s suitable for getaways but not for the office!

light pale shades of batiste fabric

If you’re going on a last-minute summer holiday, we have plenty of batiste fabrics to choose from. Our Zephyr Plain Sage Green Fabric, Zephyr Plain Tan Solid Fabric, and Zephyr ZH Blue Striped Fabric are just a few of our holiday favourites.

If you’re looking for batiste fabrics suited to the warmer weather at home, why not choose classic colours and patterns? Zephyr Plain Navy Solid Fabric and Zephyr ZT Blue Striped Fabric are both ideal.

We even have batiste shirting for the workplace. With our Zephyr ZT Lilac Striped Fabric and Zephyr ZV Blue Check Fabric, you’ll look good and feel fantastic!

If your summer getaway has come and gone, why not shop our office-appropriate fabrics? We’ve got everything from block coloured fabrics to stylish striped and checked shirting – guaranteed to make you look sharp at the office.

Do you own any of our batiste shirting? If so, tell us which style of batiste fabric you chose and why in the comments below. Alternatively, you can tweet us @AcornFabrics

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