Why you should be wearing pinpoint fabrics

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Why you should be wearing pinpoint fabrics

At Acorn Fabrics, we’ve got a lot of shirting materials to choose from. While we pride ourselves on our range of fabrics, we know that finding the right material for your requirements can be a little hard at times. With that in mind, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on pinpoint fabrics, otherwise known as Pinpoint-Oxford fabrics. A popular dress shirt and ideal for business and casual wear too, it’s perhaps one of the best buys in the Acorn Fabrics collection.

Four reasons to love pinpoint fabric

Pinpoint is often associated with the popular Oxford fabric because of how it’s made. Like the Oxford fabric, pinpoint has an under, over weave, which gives the fabric texture and subtle shine. The difference, however, lies in the thickness and weight of the yarns used to create pinpoint fabric. The result: A higher thread count and lighter finer weave than Oxford fabric – helping create that formal and fabulous finish.


  1. It’s a great choice for special events

    striped pinpoint fabric

The pinpoint shirt is perfect for formal occasions and is one of the most popular types of dress shirt fabrics. It mixes all the best bits of a range of fabrics – making it one of the best types of shirting around.



Pinpoint Classic White Solid Fabric

Pinpoint Plain Sea Solid Fabric

Pinpoint Plain Pink Solid Fabric



  1. It’s warm and durable

pinpoint fabrics

Pinpoint is the ideal choice for the autumn and winter months. It’s a little more substantial than other dress shirt materials, like broadcloth, and is thicker too. It’s classed as a medium weight shirt – ideal for cooler days in the spring and summer months and right through the cooler months. Despite being a warmer fabric, pinpoint cloth is breathable too. This ensures you remain comfortable – even if your office heating is set to max!


  1. It’s ideal for the business and smart-casual look too

check pinpoint fabrics

One of the best things about pinpoint cloth is its versatility. Unlike most fabrics, which are usually suited to just one or two looks, pinpoint is ideal for the majority of your day-to-day scenarios. With features similar to both poplin and Oxford fabric, pinpoint is an ideal choice for work, sociable events, and more formal affairs. What’s more, it can be worn under a suit or on its own – either way you’re bound to look good.



Pinpoint Plain Ocean Solid Fabric

Pinpoint PA Navy Striped Fabric

Pinpoint PR Pink Striped Fabric


  1. It’s practical

checked pinpoint fabrics

The pinpoint shirt is easy to look after and easy to wear. It hangs well, doesn’t wrinkle too easily and is opaque. In fact, you needn’t consider any other type of dress shirt!

Shopping for autumn and winter shirting? If you’re looking for other materials best suited to the autumn and winter months, why not browse our twill fabrics? As a softer, heavier fabric, twill ensures comfort throughout the cooler months. Shop our twill fabrics today.


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