Why You Should Consider A Pink Shirting Fabric This Summer

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The colour pink has got a very distinct image in the minds of many, and it certainly takes a bit of forethought to wear it right. But as you’ll see in this week’s article here at Acorn, there’s absolutely no reason why it can’t play a crucial role in your own wardrobe.

A Pink Background

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Let’s start with the obvious thing: pink is seen by many people to be a primarily feminine colour. Pop culture and children’s retailers have a lot to answer for there, driving home the idea that baby boys wear blue and baby girls wear pink. But weirdly, you don’t have to look all that far back in history to find that this is a relatively recent idea. Even as recently as the 18th century, pink was viewed to be more of a man’s colour because it was a variation of red, making it strong and warlike. Meanwhile blue was associated with the Virgin Mary, making it more feminine. No one quite knows how their roles got reversed, but at some stage they did – and here we are today.

But we’re moving away from those rigid public perceptions again, and pink is increasingly seen as not only acceptable for men to wear, but even downright encouraged. After all, “pink” covers a lot of things. It could be a bold, vibrant cotton fabric like Barbados Plain Pink Linen, or a more restrained shade of something like voile plain pink. There’s a huge scope for wearing pink!

The Best Ways To Wear Pink Fabrics

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Now, it’s true that pink is often regarded as a statement colour, and with that in mind it does still need a certain amount of confidence. Mostly though, it’s about having a careful eye, and looking out for what looks good. Because of its eye-catching ability, the colours you can match with pink are best when they’re not too bright and powerful. Green would be one to avoid, as would yellow, as together they can be overpowering and neither will complement the boldness of pink particularly well. On the other hand, navy blue or grey are both excellent alternatives, because as darker colours they will anchor your outfit, allowing pink to keep the spotlight.

In fact, this effect is clearest with many formal outfits. A paler pink shirt (like Pinpoint plain rose) looks brilliant with a deep blue suit, as it does with a grey suit. Pink gives you a bit of a different spin on the traditional white shirt, giving your outfit a bit more colour and character. When you think about it, the fact that many men still shy away from pink presents you with some pretty fantastic opportunities when it comes to style. Whether it’s a formal gathering or a casual party, a man who takes a risk with pink is going to stand out in a sea of men in safe white shirts.

Making Pink Look Good

Above all – as we’ve said above – confidence is key. It can be easy to get caught up in overthinking how you can incorporate pink into your outfit. The easy answer is: just wear pink in items and styles you’d wear usually. Remember that when it comes to bold colours, less is more. Use a statement colour like pink or yellow on a single article of clothing, and keep the rest of your outfit restrained to maintain the overall effect.

We’ve got lots of pink shades of fabrics to suit your style here at Acorn, whether you’re at a barbecue or business meeting. Call us on 01282 698 662 to place an order, or for any help or advice.

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