Wonderful weaves

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Wonderful weaves

When choosing your shirting fabric, you shouldn’t just consider the colour, pattern, or style of a fabric; you should consider the material too. The fabric’s weave can make a huge impact on the finish and style of a shirt as well as a shirt’s long-term maintenance.

Quite simply, a weave determines how a shirt has been woven and as a result, the overall pattern and feel you’re left with. You’ll find many different types of weave in the Acorn Fabrics collection, all of which suit a variety of styles and occasions.


The Plain/ Poplin Weave

For a really simple look, opt for the plain weave. Here, shirting fabric is woven using an over and under pattern. This is a typical shirting weave but does have the disadvantage that it’s subject to creases and wrinkles.

Variations of the plain weave include the voile and end-on-end weave – the latter of which includes a mix of colour and white for a fickle coloured effect.

Wonderful weaves

Best for: Business and formal events.

Explore the classic end-on-end weave here.



The Twill Weave

For something a little more interesting in style, why not choose the twill weave? Shirts of this type are usually a little thicker, with a higher yarn count, and are more resistant to creases and wrinkles. Because of these features, twill shirting tends to be more expensive. Twill shirting also has a luxurious feel about it with a sheen and gentle drape – making it the perfect choice for those looking for something special.

Variations of the twill weave are the herringbone, gabardine and houndstooth.

Wonderful weaves

Best for: Special events and occasions

Explore our Twill fabric collection here and our Herringbones fabric collection here.


The Oxford Weave

The special techniques used in creating the Oxford weave result in a wider, more basket-like weave. This gives the fabric a great texture that sits perfectly between plain weave and more dramatic twill. Its texture also results in a soft, smooth shirt that’s comfortable to wear – that’s why the Oxford weave is typically used for business shirts that require all-day wear.

Variations of the Oxford weave include the pinpoint.

Wonderful weaves

Best for: The smart/casual look

Explore our Oxford fabric collection here.

The Batiste Weave

For something soft, fine and light, opt for Batiste, one of the lightest shirt weaves you’ll find.

The Batiste feels softer and lighter than general poplins which makes it a better choice for the summer months. The only downside about the fabric is that it can be a tad transparent when worn alone without a jumper, jacket or blazer on top – so team it wisely!

Wonderful weaves

Best for: Warmer months and climates

Explore our Batiste fabric collection here

You can discover our wide range of fabric types online. We have over 500 to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect shirting for your needs. If you have any further questions about our products, get in touch with our team on 01282 698662. Alternatively, you can email us sales@acornfabrics.co.uk

Happy shopping!

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