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Herringbones are a combination of twill weaves in which the direction of the twill is reversed to produce stripes resembling herring bones.

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Herringbone makes a big impact in the style world, especially in the colder months. As noted above, herringbone is a member of the twill family of fabrics, and sports a distinctive v-shaped pattern. Its diagonal weave reverses direction at regular intervals, giving it a look slightly reminiscent of a fish’s skeleton – which is, in fact, what gives the fabric its name.

The weave of herringbone shirts makes them heavier than other fabrics such as poplin, making them thicker and warmer and therefore ideal material for autumn and winter clothing. They’re also more water-resistant than other weaves, (again a preferable trait for winter-wear) so as a result they’re easier to iron and quicker to dry. Their textured warmth is complemented by a smooth feel and a soft drape. Herringbone is also a brilliantly versatile fabric, often used in overcoats, suiting and dress shirts alike.