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Heavy dress shirt Marcella, lightweight Pique and breathable mesh fabrics. Our Cotton Marcella or “waffle pique” is the ideal weight and texture for bib fronts of dress shirts and is available in white and black.

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Quality woven pique fabrics made from 100% cotton

Woven pique fabrics work well for constructing men’s ties and dress shirt fronts. The dobby pattern adds subtle interest to formal wear and holds up well after frequent washing. Woven piques sometimes have parallel cording running the length of the fabric while our Marcella quality is another form of pique fabric which is characterised by a waffle effect. As our Marcella fabric has added weight and stiffness while retaining a soft feel it also lends its self to equestrian stocks and ties. The fact that it is 100% cotton is also an advantage as it will breather better than synthetic materials during competition.

Developed up north, by the Lancashire cotton industry, the fabric was developed using a mechanised technique or weaving double cloth with an enclosed cording weft. While originally used for imitation pieces of the corded Provençal quilts, made in Marseille, by the mid 20th century pique became a key material in men’s fashion.

There are two pique fabrics to choose from at Acorn Fabrics. We’ve got the material available in black pique fabric and in plain white piquet fabric, both materials featuring the heavy waffle weave. The fancy structure makes it perfect for dress shirts but can be used to make casual summer jackets, dresses and waistcoats too. How you decide to use our pique fabric is totally up to you! If you’re keen to give our pique fabric a try, why not request a fabric sample? Fill in the form on our contact page and we’ll send you your required samples right away.