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Cotton prints are ideal for making a bold statements or if you are more reserved you can use a print as a trim within the garment, inside of the collar for example. These prints are also suited for lining jackets and other garments.

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Printed fabrics are ideal for adding a touch of style to your attire and showing off your individuality. In fact, these days, a printed shirt is a must-have staple in any man’s wardrobe. Luckily, at Acorn Fabrics, we’ve got plenty of styles to choose from – no matter how reserved you are about pattern. If you are more reserved you can also use a print as a trim within the garment, inside of the collar for example or even lining a jackets. The Chatsworth and Devonshire designs are printed onto a 70’s x 70’s lawn fabric. Lawn cloth or lawn is a plain weave fabric, originally of linen but now chiefly cotton. Lawn is designed using fine, high count yarns, which results in a silky, un-textured feel. The fabric is made using either combed or carded yarns. Our Hampton printed fabrics are slightly heavier due to the thicker yarns used with a crisper finish which makes them ideal for wearing all year round. The Hampton might also be more suited to a more structured shirt while the Devonshire and Chatsworth fabrics are more suited to more casual summer garments due to the relevant weights.

Printed shirts are best worn outside of the workplace, however, that doesn’t mean to say they’re super casual. When styled well, a printed shirt can help you to achieve that smart-casual look, making it ideal for date night and socials. Smaller, intricate patterns, as in our Hampton 302 Blue Printed Fabric, help create a smarter look while bigger patterns often look more casual. Most of our designs tend to be small and intricate which also makes these fabrics ideal for contrasting and trimming, as this size print can be visible on the inside of a collar or cuff etc.