Hampton 410 blue printed fabric

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All Cotton






Blue, Sky


60 inches / 150cm


50's x 50's




The Hampton prints use a single 50’s compact yarn made from the finest Egyptian cotton.

Compact Yarns

Over the past few years, compact yarns have become more prevalent. Why is this the case? and just what is a compact yarn?

Two ply yarns have been and continue to be very popular in the apparel industry. The inherent tensile strength, improved lustre and dye absorption all desirable characteristics of “plying” process. Singles yarns are lacking in these areas but the plying process adds a cost to the yarn and it is here that the advantage of using singles yarns can be realised.

Compacting is a way of improving the singles yarns so they mimic some of the positive characteristics of plied yarns but without the added expense. Compact Spinning is designed to reduce unwanted irregular fibres present in the yarn that have no positive contribution to the yarn and in fact have an adverse effect on any subsequent processes.

This condensing or compacting is an additional process the yarn must undergo whilst being spun. This usually occurs after the yarn has passed through the drafting process. The fibres are then condensed and the irregular fibres become more parallel with the yarn. Subsequently this fibrous bundle is twisted and regular spinning is resumed.

The resultant yarn has a more uniform formation, increased strength and elongation. The main advantages of Compact yarns as compared with conventional singles yarns are:-

  • Improved productivity and efficiency due to fewer breakages and less stoppage time
  • Reduction in sizing costs
  • Improved absorption of dyeing and finishing
  • Reduction in Singing costs and other related processes
  • Improved handling of the resultant textile


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